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DeltaCode is a simple command line utility that leverages the power of scancode-toolkit to determine file-level differences between two codebases.

During a typical software release cycle, development teams and software compliance experts want insight into how a codebase has changed during each release iteration. Specifically, these users need a utility that can point out places in a codebase where material license and other provenance changes have occurred. This is where DeltaCode comes in.

DeltaCode provides an accurate means of comparing two ScanCode result files, and returning any possible changes that have occurred between the two given scanned codebases. DeltaCode currently has the ability to detect file size and license changes, as well as means to detect when files have been moved to new locations.

We are continuously working on new features, such as detecting copyright changes and detecting package version changes.

Quick Start

For more comprehensive installation instructions and development instructions, see: Comprehensive Installation

For development instructions, see: Development Instructions

Make sure you have Python 3.6+ installed:

Next, download and extract the latest DeltaCode release from:

Open a terminal, extract the downloaded release archive, then cd to the extracted directory and run this command to display the command help. DeltaCode will self-configure if needed:

./deltacode --help

Run a sample delta

./deltacode -n samples/samples.json -o samples/samples.json

Run a simple delta saved to the output.json file:

./deltacode -n samples/samples.json -o samples/samples.json -j output.json

Then open output.json to view the delta results.

To get DeltaCode results for your codebase, install scancode-toolkit and generate a scan for each of the codebases you wish to 'Delta'


If you have a problem, a suggestion or found a bug, please enter a ticket at:

For other questions, discussions, and chats, we have:

Source code


  • Apache-2.0 with an acknowledgement required to accompany the delta output.

See the NOTICE file for more details.

Documentation & FAQ