Gatling scenarios for stress-testing magento store with 100k sku sample data
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Magento Gatling Tests

This is a scenario for stress-testing a Magento store using gatling. The scenario simulates two types of users: "buyers" and "browsers".

  • buyers - Navigate to the home page -> category page -> product page; add product to cart; view cart; proceed through checkout as a guest. These represent shoppers, and add additional backend load to the test. For the time being, all buyers purchase the same product.
  • browsers - Navigate to the home page -> category page -> category page -> product page. These represent anonymous visitors. Categories and products are chosen at random from a csv containing all of the catalog urls.


  • A site running Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • 100k sku catalog sample data.


  1. Download and extract gatling.
  2. Clone this repo into the gatling root directory.
  3. Run to choose and initiate a simulation.
  4. Results will appear in /results as auto-generated HTML/JavaScript pages. A web server will be useful if you want to view these results.