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Software engineer

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Current open positions for developers in Cracow, Poland only. Contact via e-mail

Software engineer Java / Scala

We’re looking for a passionate software engineers with a passion for computing science.

If you’re a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computing Science (or similar) or have at least 3 years of software development experience under your belt, and if you enjoy programming, web development or the JVM landscape in general and want to join forces with other people like you, then we should talk. Just send us an e-mail to

You will be working with

As a software engineer at Nexelem you’ll be working in the core parts of projects we do. We are based at our office in Cracow, Poland. We work mainly on business web software for larger companies and organizations both in Poland and abroad. If you are interested in projects we did, take a look at our website Technologies we use vary from project to project and every now and then we tend to assess new trends that are arising on the technological radar. We use relatively novel technologies like Play, Akka, AngularJS or NoSql databases but we honestly admit that we are always driven by common sense and not by temporary fashions. Which means you still will touch pure Java and Spring or Liferay from time to time, if that’s what makes the most sense in given project.

As for our way of doing things we rely strongly on industry best practices in projects we do and put a lot of emphasis on code quality of products. Among others:

  • we peer-review 100% code we do,

  • we use continuous integration and deployment,

  • we use tools for static code analysis,

  • we use and encourage contributing to open source projects.

If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch and tell us about yourself.

What we expect

We are looking for someone with understanding of areas like:

  • structures / algorithms,

  • distributed systems,

  • web technologies,

  • novel JVM languages.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in all the above but we believe in so called Valve T-shaped skill model (and yes - we know the term is not originally coined by Valve but we still believe Valve created one of the best games ever ;) Oh and in case you haven’t figured it out already - relative fluency in English language (also spoken !) is a must. We do work with foreign customers and we strongly believe that seamless communication is one of the most important things in software projects - so naturally at least intermediate level English is required.

We expect someone who will bring a sense of unrivaled curiosity and an urge to solve real world problems. You’ll need a warm and fun attitude and a sense of exploration. Above all we value people who put heart into their work and would call themselves real craftsmen. We’ll work with you on techniques like test-driven-development, pair programming and mechanical sympathy while tackling on some day to day software challenges.

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