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If you have checked this project out from a version-control repository,
or have modified one of the autotools-related files, you will inevitably
need to rebuild the 'configure' script, as well as the ''
template, and '' files which make up this project's build
This project uses Nexgenta buildtools, from
The guts of buildtools are invoked by running the 'buildtools/autogen'
script from the top level of the source project.
The autogen script itself uses a number of environment variables in order
to locate the various tools that it uses. Unfortunately, different systems
use different names for these, and so without going the whole hog of writing
a configure-style script in order to generate configure scripts, environment
variables are the only sane choice.
The following environment variables should be set if the autogen script
fails because it can't locate the relevant tool on your system (and you
know that it's installed) -- their names and default values are shown
AUTOHEADER26 autoheader26
LIBTOOLIZE15 libtoolize15
ACLOCAL110 aclocal110
AUTOMAKE110 automake110
AUTOCONF26 autoconf26
AUTORECONF autoreconf
GPATCH patch
On a Debian Lenny system, for example, the following are set:
You may find it useful to put the settings in your ~/.profile or similar,
especially if you think you're going to need to re-generate the configure
script and Makefiles of this project fairly often.