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+If you have checked this project out from a version-control repository,
+or have modified one of the autotools-related files, you will inevitably
+need to rebuild the 'configure' script, as well as the ''
+template, and '' files which make up this project's build
+This project uses Nexgenta buildtools, from
+The guts of buildtools are invoked by running the 'buildtools/autogen'
+script from the top level of the source project.
+The autogen script itself uses a number of environment variables in order
+to locate the various tools that it uses. Unfortunately, different systems
+use different names for these, and so without going the whole hog of writing
+a configure-style script in order to generate configure scripts, environment
+variables are the only sane choice.
+The following environment variables should be set if the autogen script
+fails because it can't locate the relevant tool on your system (and you
+know that it's installed) -- their names and default values are shown
+AUTOHEADER26 autoheader26
+LIBTOOLIZE15 libtoolize15
+ACLOCAL110 aclocal110
+AUTOMAKE110 automake110
+AUTOCONF26 autoconf26
+AUTORECONF autoreconf
+GPATCH patch
+On a Debian Lenny system, for example, the following are set:
+You may find it useful to put the settings in your ~/.profile or similar,
+especially if you think you're going to need to re-generate the configure
+script and Makefiles of this project fairly often.
2  buildtools
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-Subproject commit e78a821c1c5431741fd3c38c109f1c94c40fb874
+Subproject commit 9591467e5f29b41bb4f3f861a3e05c6bc79382da
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