Sample application to connect a Facebook page/messenger app with Google Dialogflow using Nexmo's Messages API
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Nexmo Messages API - Connect Facebook & Google Dialogflow

This sample application demonstrates how to connect a Facebook page to Google's Dialogflow (a powerful NLP engine that allows you to write and train responses to incoming questions).

This app is built using the Koa framework and requires a Node.JS version of 7.6.0 or above. It uses the Nexmo Messages API to handle inbound and outbound messaging from Facebook.


You will need a few things to get going with this app:


To get this up and running:

  • Clone the repo and run npm install
  • Rename .env.sample to .env and fill out all the environment vars required
  • Run npm run dev to start things up!

Google Dialogflow Settings

For testing, you can set your app up as a Small Talk Bot that will generate chirpy responses to anything you ask it. Once you've confirmed everything is working you'll want to move to using your own Intents and Entities to make it useful.

For more information on getting Dialogflow up and running, check out the [Dialogflow documentation(