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1. Install Hadoop
1-1. Single Node (
1-2. Cluster Node (
1-3. set HADOOP_HOME at local machine on which R runs
2. Install Hive
2-1. install local machine and remote machine on which NameNode runs or Hive-Server runs.
2-2. Installation Guide
2-3. set HIVE_HOME at local machine on which R runs.
2-4. launch Hive Server with following command on remote machine.
e.q. >$HIVE_HOME/bin/hive --service hiveserver.
3. Install R and Packages
3-1. install R
3-1-1. need to install R on all tasktracker nodes
3-2. install rJava
3-2-1. only install rJava on local machine.
3-3. install Rserve
3-3-1. need to install Rserve on all tasktracker nodes
3-3-2. set RHIVE_DATA as R objects and R functions repository on all tasktracker nodes.
e.q. >export RHIVE_DATA=/rhive/data
3-3-3. make configuration in path (/etc/Rserv.conf) on all tasktracker nodes.
edit this file to add 'remote enable' to allow remote connection.
3-3-4. launch all Rserve on all tasktracker nodes.
e.q. >R CMD Rserve
3-4. install RUnit
4. Install RHive
4-1. Download source code
4-1-1. git clone
4-2. Change your working directory
4-2-1. cd RHive
4-3. Set the environment variables HIVE_HOME and HADOOP_HOME
4-3-1. export HIVE_HOME=/path/to/your/hive/directory
4-3-2. export HADOOP_HOME=/path/to/your/hadoop/directory
4-4. Build java files using ant
4-4-1. ant build
4-5. Build RHive
4-5-1. R CMD build RHive
4-6. Install RHive
4-6-1. R CMD INSTALL RHive_<VERSION>.tar.gz
5. Launch RHive
5-1. launch R
5-2. >library(RHive)
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