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Nexss Programmer allows you to share your work and cooperate with other colleagues, friends etc. so others can see your issues immediately through network.

nexss Id --nxsField --server # (the same as nxsField=nxsOut. The field nxsOut is used for automatic stream so base field as result. There are other fields like cwd, start and other user created.)

nexss start --server # this will start the server 
nexss myfile.jl --server # this will serve the result of myfile.jl to the network so you can open browser and see results http://localhost:8080/

# Default configuration is localhost:8080, but you will see this on the console

examples of urls: http://localhost:8080/mysequence1 # this will run sequence mysequence1
more about: sequences

Change configuration (_nexss.yml) for the server. Below will share through local network so you can cooperate. You don't need to pass these parameters to start the server. Default server settings is host:

keep exactly the same indentation for host and port

  port: 8888
  key: "./key.pem" # optional but key.pem file must exist
  cert: "./cert.pem" # optional but cert.pem file must exist

Server serve the nexss results from sequences or just from the project, but also reads files:

html: "text/html",
jpeg: "image/jpeg",
jpg: "image/jpeg",
png: "image/png",
js: "text/javascript",
css: "text/css",
ico: "image/x-icon"

Errors Solutions on the Server

Errors (when you share your work through --server option) are displayed colored as html. In red error and in green the solution(s). for example:


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