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A PHP WebIM library for interacting with the NexTalk Server.

NexTalk is a web-based instant messaging server.

Composer Installation

Installed with Composer ( Add the following to your composer.json file. Composer will handle the autoloading.

    "require": {
        "webim/webim-php": "*"


$endpoint = array(
    'id' => 'uid1',
    'nick' => 'User1',
    'status' => 'Online',
    'show' => 'available',
$domain = '';
$apikey = 'akakakakakdka';
$server = '';
$client = new WebIM\Client($endpoint, $domain, $apikey, $server);

$buddy_ids = ['uid2', 'uid3'];
$room_ids = ['room1', 'room2'];
$$buddy_ids, $room_ids);

$client.message(null, 'uid2', 'blabla');


To test the library itself, run the PHPUnit tests:

phpunit tests/


ery.lee at

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