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Feb 22, 2020
daily dev 20200222
84cef3b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
e1b8d52 Merge pull request #5445 from nextcloud/headMethod
92f5e07 [tx-robot] updated from transifex
de4fc2c daily dev 20200221
Feb 21, 2020
daily dev 20200221
9b3f00c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
da6a29a Merge pull request #5493 from nextcloud/dependabot/gradle/
2356e83 Bump work-runtime-ktx from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2
7305272 Merge pull request #5494 from nextcloud/dependabot/gradle/
be238a3 Merge pull request #5471 from nextcloud/richWorkspace18only
65548c4 [tx-robot] updated from transifex
ac6a64b Drone: update Lint results to reflect reduced error/warning count [skip ci]
993aa4a Bump work-runtime from 2.3.0 to 2.3.2
0f1da52 [tx-robot] updated from transifex
26bbfa3 daily dev 20200219
Feb 19, 2020
daily dev 20200219
3f62afa Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
5d428fe Merge pull request #4788 from nextcloud/instantupload_all
49f3a67 ConflictsResolveActivity: code style and readability improvements
6540e3e Upload list conflicts: replace trash icon with menu and add resolve action
a4ff1f1 Customize upload sync conflict notification strings
e77ffa0 Fix synced folder layout form control widgets alignment
91ef307 Fix database migration of field forceOverwrite to NameCollisionPolicy
52d089b FileUploader: fix codacy issues and SpotBugs
ec27f84 FileUploader: code cleanup
7713a28 FileUploader: require explicit NameCollisionPolicy and change default used value
6783e8a Make file uploads ask the user what to do when the file already exists on remote
213002f Make newly created synced folders auto upload existing files by default
1b7bd72 ADD: [instantupload] setting to also upload existing files
c243453 Merge pull request #5465 from nextcloud/fix/create-folder-crash-autosync
d178cde daily dev 20200218
Feb 18, 2020
daily dev 20200218
2b26a51 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
4616b0d Merge pull request #5447 from nextcloud/ezaquarii/migrate-jobs-to-new-user-model
20b910a Merge pull request #5442 from nextcloud/ezaquarii/fix-crash-on-text-file-creation
0977c37 Fix crash during text file creation
5c74f2b [tx-robot] updated from transifex
27fabe7 [tx-robot] updated from transifex
6029548 daily dev 20200215
Feb 15, 2020
daily dev 20200215
020e5a2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
490b292 Merge pull request #5300 from nextcloud/sharedSearchAgain
6102752 test
af93382 test
68f06ea [tx-robot] updated from transifex
2d82f80 daily dev 20200214
Feb 14, 2020
daily dev 20200214
706ae93 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
045a7aa Merge pull request #5466 from nextcloud/squareIcon
eefeda9 Add square google icon
7156aaf [tx-robot] updated from transifex
57ce989 daily dev 20200213
Feb 13, 2020
daily dev 20200213
23fea78 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
67880e2 Merge pull request #5450 from nextcloud/etmScreenshots
a063f32 Merge pull request #5434 from nextcloud/ezaquarii/migrate-account-list-to-new-user-model
d841f64 Screenshot tests for ETM
0569b0d Screenshot tests ManageAccountsActivity
53024d1 Migrate account list to new user model
e716c99 [tx-robot] updated from transifex
1dd355d daily dev 20200212
Feb 12, 2020
daily dev 20200212
e1d6842 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
f520f2f Merge pull request #5436 from nextcloud/ezaquarii/make-user-model-parcelable
25cbeb4 Merge pull request #5422 from nextcloud/gplayScreenshots
87eb8e0 [tx-robot] updated from transifex
644b91d daily dev 20200211
Feb 11, 2020
daily dev 20200211
92ddf10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
5905b1c Merge pull request #5432 from nextcloud/ezaquarii/migrate-drawer-menu-utils-to-new-user-model
4be18ad Merge pull request #5064 from nextcloud/ezaquarii/extract-account-logic-from-base-activity-into-mixin
619b5d0 Merge pull request #5419 from nextcloud/dependabot/gradle/org.projectlombok-lombok-1.18.12
2d6e73d Merge pull request #5414 from nextcloud/fixContactCrash
1bb04aa also increase annotationProcessor
6048243 Fix crash: Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Object[] cannot be cast to java.lang.Void[]
0027df9 [tx-robot] updated from transifex
6dd5d92 Merge pull request #5443 from nextcloud/fixTransifex
b4db9d0 do not break line on transifex
b5fb9c1 Migrate drawer menu utilities to new user model
a906a14 daily dev 20200208
Feb 8, 2020
daily dev 20200208
66c25fa Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
f415cd9 Merge pull request #5420 from nextcloud/dependabot/gradle/org.parceler-parceler-1.1.13
2b2800b Bump parceler from 1.1.12 to 1.1.13
98d7518 Merge pull request #5418 from nextcloud/dependabot/gradle/org.parceler-parceler-api-1.1.13
8ce35e3 manually bump lint
6fbe0b5 daily dev 20200207
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