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Nextcloud Antivirus for Files

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files_antivirus is an antivirus app for Nextcloud using ClamAV.


  • 🐿️ When the user uploads a file, it's checked
  • ☣️ Infected files will be deleted and a notification will be shown and/or sent via email
  • 🔎 It runs a background job to scan all files

What is planned

  • 📈 File size limit
  • 🔧 Configuration Tuneups
  • 🔭 Wider OS testing
  • 🤔 Looking for ideas


  • Nextcloud 16+
  • ClamAV as binaries or as server running ClamAV in daemon mode (recommended ❤️)


Documentation about installing ClamAV and this app can be found in our documentation.


This app can be configured to work with the executable or the daemon mode (recommended ❤️) of ClamAV. If this is used in daemon mode, it can connect through network or local file-socket. In daemon mode, it sends files to a remote/local server using the INSTREAM command.


Past contributors: