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Nextcloud News for Android

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An Android client for Nextcloud News App.

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How to compile the App


  1. Android Studio

Download and install

  1. Open cmd/terminal
  2. Navigate to your workspace
  3. Then type in: git clone
  4. Import the Project in Android Studio and start coding!

Testing with Android Auto

  1. Open Android Studio, click on "Tools" -> "SDK Manager"
  2. Select and install "Android Auto API Simulators"
  3. Open terminal, go to /extras/google/simulators (e.g. cd ~/Library/Android/sdk/extras/google/simulators)
  4. Install apk using adb (../../../platform-tools/adb install media-browser-simulator.apk)
  5. Install apk using adb (../../../platform-tools/adb install messaging-simulator.apk)

Advanced Testing Android Auto (e.g. Voice Features) Link

  1. Install Android 9 in an Emulator (Android 10 didn't work with the Android Auto App)
  2. Install Android Auto from PlayStore
  3. Follow instructions on training website (see link above)
  4. `~/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb forward tcp:5277 tcp:5277
  5. cd ~/Library/Android/sdk/extras/google/auto
  6. ./desktop-head-unit
  7. From inside the terminal type: mic play ./voice/pause.wav

That's all. I hope it works for you! If something is not working, please send me an email to

Updating the database schema

  • Edit Database Schema in - Make sure to increase version number inside getVersionNumber function
  • Open build.gradle and uncomment imports annotated with // Required for DAO generation
  • In Android Studio - choose "DatabaseOrmGenerator" configuration
  • Hit the "Run" Button