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Nextcloud News Reader – Android App

The Nextcloud News Reader Android App is under AGPLv3 License terms.

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Bugs and enhancements can be reported under:


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How to use the Beta App via Google Play?

Nextcloud News Beta

Help to translate

Have you found a translation error? Or would you like to use ownCloud News Reader in your native language?

You can join the translation team and improve one of over 100 languages (it's the android-news app).

How to compile the App


  1. Android Studio

Download and install:

  1. Open cmd/terminal

  2. Navigate to your workspace

  3. Then type in:

git clone --recursive

for the dev branch:

git clone --recursive -b dev
  1. Import the Project and start coding!

  2. If you should ever get a Gradle error Configuration with name 'default' not found while building, execute following commands in the projects root directory:

git submodule init
git submodule update

That's all. I hope it works for you! If something is not working, please send me an email to