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All configuration values are set inside nextcloud/data/news/config/config.ini and can be edited in the admin panel.

The configuration is in INI format and looks like this:

autoPurgeMinimumInterval = 60
autoPurgeCount = 200
maxRedirects = 10
maxSize = 104857600
feedFetcherTimeout = 60
useCronUpdates = true
exploreUrl =
  • autoPurgeMinimumInterval: Minimum amount of seconds after deleted feeds and folders are removed from the database. Values below 60 seconds are ignored
  • autoPurgeCount: Defines the maximum amount of articles that can be read per feed which won't be deleted by the cleanup job; if old articles reappear after being read, increase this value; negative values such as -1 will turn this feature off completely
  • maxRedirects: How many redirects the updater should follow
  • maxSize: Maximum feed size in bytes. If the RSS/Atom page is bigger than this value, the update will be aborted
  • feedFetcherTimeout: Maximum number of seconds to wait for an RSS or Atom feed to load. If a feed takes longer than that number of seconds to update, the update will be aborted
  • useCronUpdates: To use a custom update/cron script you need to disable the cronjob which is run by Nextcloud by default by setting this to false
  • exploreUrl: If given that url will be contacted for fetching content for the explore feed
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