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v1.15.3 (2019-07-24) nc-snapshot: update btrfs-snp

v1.15.2 (2019-07-19) update: restore smbclient after dist upgrade

v1.15.1 (2019-07-17) exclude versions, trash, uploads from backups

v1.15.0 (2019-07-08) move to buster/PHP7.3

v1.14.4 (2019-07-08) nc-previews: active by default

v1.14.3 (2019-07-06) nc-snapshot-sync: update btrfs-sync

v1.14.2 (2019-07-06) nc-hdd-monitor: fix detection

v1.14.0 (2019-07-05) upgrade to NC16.0.2

v1.13.6 (2019-06-29) ncp-update: fixes on the new step based upgrade system

v1.13.5 (2019-06-29) ncp-web: adjust ipv6 local restrictions

v1.13.4 (2019-06-29) nc-previews: adjust preview sizes

v1.13.3 (2019-06-23) spDYN: remove unused IPV6 argument in

v1.13.2 (2019-06-17) nc-backup: fix exclusion of ncp backups

v1.13.1 (2019-06-01) ncp-web: avoid quotes in fields

v1.13.0 (2019-06-01) upgrade to NC15.0.8

v1.12.10 (2019-06-01) fail2ban: fix missing ufw filter

v1.12.9 (2019-05-27) ncp-notify-updates: dont spam cron mail

v1.12.8 (2019-05-25) docker: mount timezone

v1.12.7 (2019-05-25) ncp-app: bump to NC16

v1.12.6 (2019-05-25) fail2ban: add a ufw jail and filter (dmaroulidis)

v1.12.5 (2019-05-25) ncp-web: update config reference URL

v1.12.4 (2019-05-26) ncp-web: Pt Translate (#907)

v1.12.3 (2019-05-11) nc-scan-auto: recursive and home-only options

v1.12.2 (2019-05-11) fix logrotate files

v1.12.1 (2019-05-01) Rename configuration variables into self-documenting ones (#889)

v1.12.0 (2019-04-29) ncp-web: add backups panel

v1.11.5 (2019-04-29) letsencrypt: force renewal by default

v1.11.4 (2019-04-28) letsencrypt: switch to apt version

v1.11.3 (2019-04-09) nc-restore: check btrfs command

v1.11.2 (2019-04-06) armbian: fix uu

v1.11.1 (2019-04-05) nc-backup: fix space calculation

v1.11.0 (2019-04-05) upgrade to NC15.0.6

v1.10.12 (2019-04-05) update UPDATE config section

v1.10.11 (2019-04-04) create UPDATE config section

v1.10.10 (2019-04-05) nc-backup: improve needed space calculation (#864)

v1.10.9 (2019-04-01) letsencrypt: dont return error if notif fails

v1.10.8 (2019-03-26) nc-backup: fix space calculation

v1.10.7 (2019-03-14) nc-restore: Check for free space in $TMPDIR before extracting tar file

v1.10.6 (2019-03-23) letsencrypt: rework notification

v1.10.5 (2019-03-23) fix cron path

v1.10.4 (2019-03-18) nc-update-nc-apps-auto: only notify if there was update

v1.10.3 (2019-03-18) nc-update-nc: fix case where imported cfg from non docker to docker

v1.10.2 (2019-03-16) freeDNS: fix hash

v1.10.1 (2019-03-13) nc-update-nc-apps-auto: notify user

v1.10.0 (2019-03-13) add nc-previews-auto

v1.9.8 (2019-03-13) nc-scan: improvements

v1.9.7 (2019-03-13) nc-previews: improvements

v1.9.6 (2019-03-13) nc-scan-auto: improvements

v1.9.5 (2019-03-09) nc-init: previews settings

v1.9.4 (2019-03-09) unattended upgrades: update labels

v1.9.3 (2019-03-09) wizard: fix headers

v1.9.2 (2019-03-08) cleanup

v1.9.1 (2019-03-03) fix LE cron

v1.9.0 (2019-03-03) upgrade to NC15.0.5

v1.8.4 (2019-02-23) nc-nextcloud: disable .user.ini

v1.8.3 (2019-02-23) nc-limits: autocalculate database memory

v1.8.2 (2019-02-22) lamp: adjust mariadb parameters

v1.8.1 (2019-03-05) nc-datadir: Add SATA to description (#822)

v1.8.0 (2019-02-23) add nc-maintenance-mode (#809)

v1.7.0 (2019-02-17) add nc-restore-snapshot

v1.6.7 (2019-02-17) nc-backup-auto: notify failures

v1.6.6 (2019-02-15) nc-automount: fix NFS delay

v1.6.5 (2019-02-15) nc-trusted-domains: empty values by default

v1.6.4 (2019-02-14) nc-nextcloud: update description

v1.6.3 (2019-02-13) ncp-update-nc: BTRFS basedir not supported

v1.6.2 (2019-02-13) nc-datadir: lift mountpoint restriction

v1.6.1 (2019-02-10) nc-nextcloud: add a warning

v1.6.0 (2019-02-07) upgrade to NC15.0.4

v1.5.2 (2019-02-07) nc-trusted-domains: add description

v1.5.1 (2019-01-30) nc-update-nc-apps-auto: log upgrades

v1.5.0 (2019-01-30) added nc-update-nc-apps and nc-update-nc-apps-auto

v1.4.11 (2019-01-28) update: make letsencrypt update more resiliant (2)

v1.4.10 (2019-01-27) update: make letsencrypt update more resiliant

v1.4.9 (2019-01-25) letsencrypt: use the latest github version

v1.4.8 (2019-01-26) ncp-update-nc: fix unnecessary quotes

v1.4.7 (2019-01-25) ncp-config: fix local variables

v1.4.6 (2019-01-24) ncp-config: fix missing variable

v1.4.5 (2019-01-22) armbian: fix cron permissions bug (2)

v1.4.4 (2019-01-22) armbian: fix cron permissions bug

v1.4.3 (2019-01-21) dnsmasq: detect IP from config file (#782)

v1.4.2 (2019-01-21) Proposed fix for issue #773 (#781)

v1.4.1 (2019-01-16) docker: support for ncp-update-nc

v1.4.0 (2019-01-16) add nc-trusted-domains

v1.3.12 (2019-01-16) add public IP to trusted domains

v1.3.11 (2019-01-16) nc-backup: parallel compression

v1.3.10 (2019-01-15) nc-backup: compress in place and exclude previews folder

v1.3.9 (2019-01-15) build: add exfat utils for external storage

v1.3.8 (2019-01-14) nc-datadir: fix fail2ban logpath

v1.3.7 (2019-01-14) ncp-web: allow private IPv6 addresses

v1.3.6 (2019-01-14) nc-automount: add delays to some services in a persistent way

v1.3.5 (2019-01-14) nc-hdd-test: try to detect device type if auto doesnt work

v1.3.4 (2019-01-14) nc-info: fix automount reporting

v1.3.3 (2019-01-14) nc-ramlog: adapt to armbian

v1.3.2 (2019-01-14) nc-automount: fix description

v1.3.1 (2019-01-13) ncp-update: fail if version cant be parsed

v1.3.0 (2019-01-12) upgrade to NC15.0.2

v1.2.0 (2019-01-08) add NCP Nextcloud app

v1.1.3 (2019-01-11) nc-update-nextcloud: only try to restore on reboot once

v1.1.2 (2019-01-10) ncp-web: fix section unselected when sidebar reloads

v1.1.1 (2019-01-10) ncp-web: escape HTML in details box

v1.1.0 (2019-01-08) upgrade to NC15

v1.0.2 (2019-01-09) wizard: dont change missing parameters

v1.0.1 (2019-01-08) nc-update-nc: remove backup after restoring

v1.0.0 (2019-01-08) ncp-config: allow empty values

v0.67.13 (2018-12-31) ncp-web: new chinese translate and update chinese translate. (#721)

v0.67.12 (2018-12-29) curl installer: add provisioning step

v0.67.11 (2018-12-27) dynDNS: pdate cron execution interval (#754)

v0.67.10 (2018-12-23) log2ram: adapt to new name in armbian (#749)

v0.67.9 (2018-12-21) docker: fix DATADIR variable in nc-backup (#746)

v0.67.8 (2018-12-17) nc-init: update echo at end when init done. (#738)

v0.67.7 (2018-12-16) fix tempdir config

v0.67.6 (2018-12-06) nc-init: fix missing variable

v0.67.5 (2018-12-01) nc-datadir: also use tempdirectory setting

v0.67.4 (2018-11-26) nc-restore: check that we are in linux fs

v0.67.3 (2018-11-26) nc-datadir: shorten short description

v0.67.2 (2018-11-26) change dialog text width to 120

v0.67.1 (2018-11-23) referrer policy already in .htaccess in NC14.0.4

v0.67.0 (2018-11-22) upgrade to NC14.0.4

v0.66.6 (2018-11-18) nc-static-IP: clarify usage

v0.66.4 (2018-11-11) build: package php7.2-imagick now available

v0.66.3 (2018-11-11) nc-hdd-test: remove redundancy

v0.66.2 (2018-11-06) dont fail removing cronfile

v0.66.1 (2018-11-04) nc-info: speedup

v0.66.0 (2018-11-04) add nc-hdd-monitor

v0.65.0 (2018-11-03) add nc-test-hdd

v0.64.12 (2018-11-03) docker: fix provisioning on a stopped the container

v0.64.11 (2018-10-27) check for path transversal

v0.64.10 (2018-10-24) update: update sources

v0.64.9 (2018-10-23) ncp-config: use simple characters

v0.64.8 (2018-10-22) ncp-web: update chinese translations

v0.64.7 (2018-10-21) ncp-web: update chinese translations

v0.64.6 (2018-10-21) DDNS_spDYN: switch to wget and more

v0.64.5 (2018-10-21) ncp-web: fixed hover text for ncp wizard icon (#688)

v0.64.4 (2018-10-21) nc-rsync: dont preserve ACL

v0.64.3 (2018-10-21) nc-rsync: sync datadir, not only content (#686) (#687)

v0.64.2 (2018-10-14) ncp-update-nc: make sure cron.php is not running and there are no pending jobs

v0.64.1 (2018-10-12) docker: make bin persistent too

v0.64.0 (2018-10-12) upgrade to NC14.0.3

v0.63.0 (2018-10-11) upgrade to NC14.0.2

v0.62.10 (2018-10-07) limit logs size with logrotate

v0.62.9 (2018-10-07) DDNS_spDYN reinstall DDNS_spDYN for use of IPv6 (#642)

v0.62.8 (2018-10-07) Use DIG instead of NSLOOKUP in DDNS apps (#666)

v0.62.7 (2018-10-07) nc-prettyURL: Catch failure of maintenance:update:htaccess (#654)

v0.62.6 (2018-10-06) nc-limits: fix PHP service restart

v0.62.5 (2018-10-03) nc-update-nc: dont fix the news app if there is no news app

v0.62.4 (2018-10-03) nc-update-nextcloud: option to upgrade to the latest version

v0.62.3 (2018-10-03) nc-autoupdate-nc: fix repeating notification

v0.62.2 (2018-10-02) nc-prettyURL: make sure URL is correct

v0.62.1 (2018-09-30) redis: change eviction policy

v0.62.0 (2018-09-26) upgrade to PHP7.2

v0.61.0 (2018-09-26) upgrade to NC14

v0.60.8 (2018-09-24) ncp-web: put configuration in a separate file from available languages

v0.60.7 (2018-09-24) docker: disable auto-upgrade until it is adapted to containers

v0.60.6 (2018-09-24) nc-format-USB: fix

v0.60.5 (2018-09-23) armbian: fix locales for ncp-config

v0.60.4 (2018-09-23) build: use a separate file for NCP database config

v0.60.3 (2018-09-23) nc-update-nextcloud: workaround news integrity bug

v0.60.2 (2018-09-21) : Send new IP only when changed.

v0.60.1 (2018-07-31) nc-restore: restore to volume in docker container

v0.60.0 (2018-09-22) add nc-previews

v0.59.20 (2018-09-21) autoupdate: log everything to ncp.log

v0.59.19 (2018-09-21) ncp-report: remove sensitive data

v0.59.18 (2018-09-20) docker: build fixes

v0.59.17 (2018-09-09) docker: fix letsencrypt not persistent

v0.59.16 (2018-09-09) docker: allow domains in command line, not only IPs

v0.59.15 (2018-09-17) Don't overwrite an existing mail_smtpmode, if it is not "PHP"

v0.59.14 (2018-09-18) spDYN: fix misspelled variables

v0.59.13 (2018-09-15) spDYN: support IPv6

v0.59.12 (2018-09-07) Change email program from PHP to Sendmail

v0.59.11 (2018-09-16) lamp: add referrer policy for enhanced privacy

v0.59.10 (2018-09-04) ncp-web: add hover text for ncp admin header icons

v0.59.9 (2018-09-16) nc-prettyURL: fixes

v0.59.8 (2018-09-15) nc-format-USB: drive number was off by one (#631)

v0.59.7 (2018-08-22) Rename DDNS apps so they show up together

v0.59.6 (2018-09-12) wizard: fix instructions for BTRFS

v0.59.5 (2018-09-09) nc-limits: fix error when specifying units

v0.59.4 (2018-09-03) ncp-suggestions: fix Raspbian parsing

v0.59.3 (2018-08-31) build: add imagick for gallery

v0.59.2 (2018-09-10) nc-format-USB: fix wrong detection of USB drives present

v0.59.1 (2018-09-10) nc-datadir: support specifying the root of the mountpoint

v0.59.0 (2018-08-31) update to NC 13.0.6

v0.58.1 (2018-07-25) nc-datadir: backup existing datadir after checks

v0.58.0 (2018-07-23) update to NC 13.0.5

v0.57.21 (2018-07-23) Fixes #566 Remove redundant opcache configuration (#572)

v0.57.20 (2018-07-20) ncp-config: add spaces to invalid characters

v0.57.19 (2018-07-20) nc-backup: fix space check error message

v0.57.18 (2018-07-13) fix ncc command repeating itself

v0.57.17 (2018-07-03) armbian: fix image tag preventing updates

v0.57.16 (2018-06-27) SSH: fix root password in Raspbian

v0.57.15 (2018-06-26) nc-automount: fix udiskie not installed in latest image

v0.57.14 (2018-06-26) added database dir to ncp-info (#553)

v0.57.13 (2018-06-24) nc-limits: fix units

v0.57.12 (2018-06-21) nc-limits: autolimits enhancements

v0.57.11 (2018-06-20) letsencrypt: notify of renewals

v0.57.10 (2018-06-20) ncp-web: fix JS docker detection

v0.57.9 (2018-06-21) nc-format-USB: fix when ZRAM active

v0.57.8 (2018-06-19) docker: adapt wizard

v0.57.7 (2018-06-19) docker: fix persist ncp-web password

v0.57.6 (2018-06-19) fix mysqld service named mysql

v0.57.5 (2018-06-18) fix nextcloud-domain running before default GW is ready

v0.57.4 (2018-06-18) letsencrypt: install from debian package

v0.57.3 (2018-06-18) armbian: default to SSH disabled

v0.57.2 (2018-06-18) nc-static-IP: autodetect default interface

v0.57.1 (2018-06-18) docker: replace systemd for service

v0.57.0 (2018-06-18) update to NC 13.0.4

v0.56.25 (2018-06-18) nc-snapshot-sync: upgrade

v0.56.24 (2018-06-18) nc-datadir: make sure we have the correct permissions

v0.56.23 (2018-06-18) nc-info: fix typo

v0.56.22 (2018-06-14) nc-restore: fix redis restart in docker

v0.56.21 (2018-06-11) docker: persist SSL certificates

v0.56.20 (2018-06-11) ncp-web: fix sanitization for fail2ban

v0.56.19 (2018-06-06) add ncc command, shortcut of occ

v0.56.18 (2018-06-06) NFS: fix dependency with automount

v0.56.17 (2018-06-04) ncp-web: sanitize the ref parameter

v0.56.16 (2018-05-29) build: fix cleanup armbian images

v0.56.15 (2018-05-28) ncp-web: added chinese translations

v0.56.14 (2018-05-27) re-rename to NCPi

v0.56.13 (2018-05-28) spDYN: install curl for docker

v0.56.12 (2018-05-28) nc-format-USB: fix when ZRAM active

v0.56.11 (2018-05-27) ncp-config: silence connectivity errors

v0.56.10 (2018-05-25) nc-ramlogs: fix docker installation from latest upstream changes

v0.56.9 (2018-05-24) remove old systemd timer config in running systems

v0.56.8 (2018-05-22) fix php cli tmpdir for running instances

v0.56.7 (2018-05-22) move NC httpd logs to /var/log

v0.56.6 (2018-05-20) fix update httpd log location in virtual host after nc-datadir

v0.56.5 (2018-05-20) ncp-autoupdate: dont return 0 if no updates available

v0.56.4 (2018-05-18) nc-info: change port checker providers

v0.56.3 (2018-05-17) nc-update-nextcloud: make sure backup syncs to disk

v0.56.2 (2018-05-15) nc-restore: refuse to restore from /var/www/nextcloud

v0.56.1 (2018-05-15) nc-update-nextcloud: rollback in case of power cut

v0.56.0 (2018-05-15) added nc-autoupdate-nc

v0.55.4 (2018-05-15) nc-autoupdate-ncp: fix wrong user

v0.55.3 (2018-05-15) nc-update-netcloud: include version in backup name

v0.55.2 (2018-05-15) nc-backup: faster free space calculation. Minimize maintenance mode time

v0.55.1 (2018-05-14) nc-backup: exclude ncp-update-nc backups

v0.55.0 (2018-05-11) added nc-update-nextcloud

v0.54.14 (2018-05-14) samba: fix permissions

v0.54.13 (2018-05-11) nc-nextcloud: fix upload tmp dir

v0.54.12 (2018-05-11) nc-restore: fix tmp dirs in backups without data

v0.54.11 (2018-05-11) nc-backup: make more robust to unexpected failure

v0.54.10 (2018-05-11) nc-restore: make more robust to unexpected failure

v0.54.9 (2018-05-11) nc-restore: separate in its own executable

v0.54.8 (2018-05-10) nc-backup: better avoid duplicates

v0.54.7 (2018-05-10) armbian: fix static IP

v0.54.6 (2018-05-10) nc-notify-updates: fix wrong user

v0.54.5 (2018-05-10) armbian: fix mDNS

v0.54.4 (2018-05-09) avoid temp dir vulnerabilities

v0.54.3 (2018-05-03) nc-datadir: avoid using occ for faster execution

v0.54.2 (2018-05-03) samba: restart after configuration change

v0.54.1 (2018-04-27) nc-snapshot-sync: upgrade

v0.54.0 (2018-04-27) update to NC 13.0.2

v0.53.33 (2018-04-25) nc-info: provide timeout for wget

v0.53.32 (2018-04-22) nc-info: check for existance of ncp-baseimage

v0.53.31 (2018-04-21) fix double default gateway

v0.53.30 (2018-04-20) ncp-report: fix root execution

v0.53.29 (2018-04-05) renamed to NextCloudPlus

v0.53.28 (2018-04-18) ncp-web: added spanish translations

v0.53.27 (2018-04-09) ncp-web: added language dropdown selector

v0.53.26 (2018-04-06) nc-automount: remove directories left from unclean shutdown

v0.53.25 (2018-04-09) build: clean docker-env

v0.53.24 (2018-04-05) ncp-web: faster first load by asynchronous call to is_active()

v0.53.23 (2018-04-05) ncp-web: force reload CSRF tokens every time

v0.53.22 (2018-04-05) ncp-web: collapse sidebar menu when clicking in new sections

v0.53.21 (2018-04-05) ncp-web: make config.php into a table

v0.53.20 (2018-04-04) ncp-web: check for updates upon first run

v0.53.19 (2018-04-04) ncp-web: replace textarea with div for output

v0.53.18 (2018-04-04) ncp-web: refresh sidebar after launching actions

v0.53.17 (2018-04-04) ncp-web: reload ncp-web after nc-update

v0.53.16 (2018-04-04) ncp-web: implement is_active()

v0.53.15 (2018-04-04) docker: add column command

v0.53.14 (2018-04-04) ncp-web: fix scroll bar

v0.53.13 (2018-04-04) ncp-web: fix ncp-app selection

v0.53.12 (2018-04-03) ncp-web: added nc-config and helper buttons

v0.53.11 (2018-04-03) ncp-web: fix glitch showing power dialog

v0.53.10 (2018-04-03) ncp-web: implement dashboard

v0.53.9 (2018-04-02) SSH: stop service upon activation

v0.53.8 (2018-04-02) ncp-web: fix update notification

v0.53.7 (2018-03-29) ncp-web: use random passwords for NC and ncp-web

v0.53.6 (2018-03-27) samba: dont force NAME_REGEX for username

v0.53.5 (2018-03-20) NFS: check user and group existence

v0.53.4 (2018-03-18) nc-ramlogs: fix enabled by default upon installoation

v0.53.3 (2018-03-17) docker: fix development container script folder

v0.53.2 (2018-03-17) letsencrypt: remove .well-known dir after renewal

v0.53.1 (2018-03-17) fix web update to NC13.0.1 with .well-known existence

v0.53.0 (2018-03-17) update to NC 13.0.1

v0.52.2 (2018-03-17) build: small script adjustments

v0.52.1 (2018-03-16) docker: include nc-webui

v0.52.0 (2018-03-12) added nc-rsync-auto

v0.51.0 (2018-03-12) added nc-rsync

v0.50.0 (2018-03-12) added nc-snapshot-sync

v0.47.4 (2018-03-14) Add template generation functionality to L10N.php (activate by setting constant GENERATE_TEMPLATES to true).

v0.47.3 (2018-03-16) fix for nc-automount-links

v0.47.2 (2018-03-15) improve dependency of database with automount

v0.47.1 (2018-03-10) update: make sure redis log exists

v0.47.0 (2018-03-05) added nc-zram

v0.46.40 (2018-03-04) nc-backup-auto: change to using cron

v0.46.39 (2018-03-04) nc-ramlogs: change implementation to use log2ram

v0.46.38 (2018-03-04) disable ncp user login

v0.46.37 (2018-03-03) nc-automount: fix dependencies

v0.46.36 (2018-03-03) build: fix systemd dir not existing

v0.46.35 (2018-02-26) ncp-web: add localization (#372)

v0.46.34 (2018-02-26) ncp-web: fix responsive in iPad

v0.46.33 (2018-02-23) Added some useful comments for first time users

v0.46.32 (2018-02-23) disable unused services for SMB and NFS

v0.46.31 (2018-02-23) update: print info first

v0.46.30 (2018-02-22) add ncp-provisioning to SD card images

v0.46.29 (2018-02-22) ncp-web: fix overlay z-index

v0.46.28 (2018-02-22) wizard: fix logbox overflow

v0.46.27 (2018-02-20) wizard: animate side logs

v0.46.26 (2018-02-21) ncp-web: animate script textbox

v0.46.25 (2018-02-21) ncp-web: fix backend request without arguments

v0.46.24 (2018-02-21) ncp-web: link to wizard and Nextcloud instance

v0.46.23 (2018-02-19) ncp-web: support for small screens

v0.46.22 (2018-02-19) UFW: make it work with nc-forward-ports

v0.46.21 (2018-02-19) docker: use docker networks for x86

v0.46.20 (2018-02-15) random password provisioning on boot/startup

v0.46.19 (2018-02-18) ncp-web: re-style poweroff menu

v0.46.18 (2018-02-18) ncp-web: disable event handler after poweroff

v0.46.17 (2018-02-10) Add dialog for shutdown.

v0.46.16 (2018-02-16) remove redundant configuration from unattended upgrades

v0.46.15 (2018-02-16) lamp: enhance SSL security (chacha cypher), and OCSP stapling

v0.46.14 (2018-02-16) log all NCP actions to /var/log/ncp.log

v0.46.13 (2018-02-16) update: accept github branch as an argument to ncp-update to test development branch

v0.46.12 (2018-02-15) lamp: protect apache fingerprinting

v0.46.11 (2018-02-15) SSH: dont create user if it doesnt exist

v0.46.10 (2018-02-09) samba: create share per NC user

v0.46.9 (2018-02-13) letsencrypt: only call update-rc.d in docker builds

v0.46.8 (2018-02-12) preactivate useful apps for a selfhosted instance

v0.46.7 (2018-02-12) update: fix typo in check version

v0.46.6 (2018-02-08) Update ncp-check-version

v0.46.5 (2018-02-09) nc-backup: stronger permissions for backup file

v0.46.4 (2018-02-08) do not rely on pings, just return value of operations

v0.46.3 (2018-02-07) unattended upgrades: fix unattended upgrades not working because of modified files

v0.46.2 (2018-02-07) modsecurity: turn off logging, its too spammy for ramlogs

v0.46.1 (2018-02-07) ping to because google is blocked in china

v0.46.0 (2018-02-06) update to NC 13.0.0

v0.45.4 (2018-02-06) added ncp-config link to nextcloudpi-config

v0.45.3 (2018-02-05) lamp: add ldap support (#377)

v0.45.2 (2018-02-05) nc-nextcloud: fixes for beta versions

v0.45.1 (2018-02-05) nc-backup: fixes in checking space and auto

v0.45.0 (2018-02-03) update to NC 12.0.5

v0.44.15 (2018-01-10) nc-init and samba: default to ncp user

v0.44.14 (2018-01-10) nc-ramlogs: limit tmpfs to 100M

v0.44.13 (2018-01-10) letsencrypt: revert pip.conf pre-workaround, tweak cron

v0.44.12 (2018-01-10) nc-swapfile: improved, and take BTRFS into account

v0.44.11 (2018-01-07) nc-restore: check validity of backup file

v0.44.10 (2018-01-07) nc-restore: refresh trusted domains

v0.44.9 (2018-01-07) nc-restore: fix bug detecting data

v0.44.8 (2018-01-06) nc-restore: restore to a btrfs subvolume

v0.44.7 (2018-01-06) nc-backup: make binary work standalone

v0.44.6 (2018-01-05) nc-restore: restore compressed backups

v0.44.5 (2018-01-04) nc-backup: compress backups and refactoring

v0.44.4 (2018-01-03) nc-restore: update redis password

v0.44.3 (2018-01-03) nc-export: protect file from read

v0.44.2 (2018-01-01) nc-snapshot: update btrfs-snp

v0.44.1 (2017-12-28) nc-snapshot: use btrfs-snp

v0.44.0 (2017-12-28) added nc-snapshot-auto

v0.43.3 (2017-12-26) nc-datadir: use clone on btrfs systems

v0.43.2 (2017-12-19) UFW: prettier output

v0.43.1 (2017-12-19) ncp-config: validate input

v0.43.0 (2017-12-18) added nc-audit

v0.42.0 (2017-12-18) added UFW

v0.41.13 (2017-12-17) security hardening part 3

v0.41.12 (2017-12-17) security hardening part 2

v0.41.11 (2017-12-16) security hardening

v0.41.10 (2017-12-16) dnsmasq: added interface

v0.41.9 (2017-12-14) fix occ command without execute permissions

v0.41.8 (2017-12-13) Fixed configuration interoperability between nc-datadit and fail2ban. (#323)

v0.41.7 (2017-12-12) replace ping to to

v0.41.6 (2017-12-05) ncp-config: show changelog on updates

v0.41.5 (2017-12-05) nc-database: accept BTRFS filesystems

v0.41.4 (2017-11-29) nc-limits: added PHP threads and Redis mem limits

v0.41.3 (2017-12-05) SSH: enhance security

v0.41.2 (2017-12-04) nc-automount: check for USBdrive labeled drive case

v0.41.1 (2017-12-04) nc-info: warn of long operation

v0.41.0 (2017-12-04) updated to NC12.0.4

v0.40.0 (2017-12-03) added btrfs snapshots

v0.39.3 (2017-11-29) nc-export: silent cd

v0.39.2 (2017-11-29) nc-import: fix ncp-web appearing to fail when activating options that restart httpd

v0.39.1 (2017-11-28) motd: update logo

v0.39.0 (2017-11-27) added nc-export-ncp and nc-import-ncp

v0.38.1 (2017-11-27) nc-info: warn distro

v0.38.0 (2017-11-27) added SSH

v0.37.5 (2017-11-25) nc-info: provide suggestions

v0.37.4 (2017-11-25) dnsmasq: improve output

v0.37.3 (2017-11-24) build: fix cleanup

v0.37.2 (2017-11-20) nc-datadir: dont create dir if not exists

v0.37.1 (2017-11-19) nc-restore: fix restore passwod

v0.37.0 (2017-11-19) added nc-info

v0.36.2 (2017-11-19) nc-diag: small fixes

v0.36.1 (2017-11-18) update: fix return value

v0.36.0 (2017-11-18) added ncp-diag and ncp-report

v0.35.2 (2017-11-17) nextcloudpi-config: inform changelog

v0.35.1 (2017-11-17) nc-datadir: make backup if non empty

v0.35.0 (2017-11-17) added nc-passwd

v0.34.16 (2017-11-17) nc-datadir: refuse to move to SD card

v0.34.15 (2017-11-16) update: check existence ncp.conf

v0.34.14 (2017-11-16) update: check return code

v0.34.13 (2017-11-16) improve IP detection

v0.34.12 (2017-11-16) fail2ban: fix accidentally deleted line

v0.34.11 (2017-11-15) ncp-web: only show wizard button if it exists, delete from docker

v0.34.10 (2017-11-14) noip: fix return value

v0.34.9 (2017-11-12) nc-nextcloud: restart php after redis

v0.34.8 (2017-11-12) nc-init: install notifications

v0.34.7 (2017-11-12) redis: fix update bug

v0.34.6 (2017-11-11) redis: fix socket permissions

v0.34.5 (2017-11-10) update: wait running apt processes (fix)

v0.34.4 (2017-11-09) redis: fixes with ramlogs and modsecurity

v0.34.3 (2017-11-09) redis: change overcommit memory on update

v0.34.2 (2017-11-09) Revert "update: wait running apt processes"

v0.34.1 (2017-11-09) nc-nextcloud: added more logging

v0.34.0 (2017-11-07) added NCP custom theme with new logo

v0.33.0 (2017-11-06) added redis

v0.32.7 (2017-11-09) nc-notify-updates: fixes

v0.32.6 (2017-11-08) noip: manage many interfaces and fix return value

v0.32.5 (2017-11-08) update: wait running apt processes

v0.32.4 (2017-11-08) fail2ban: update logpath on nc-datadir or nc-restore

v0.32.3 (2017-11-06) nc-notify-updates: rework for more accuracy

v0.32.2 (2017-11-04) ncp-web: fix return value

v0.32.1 (2017-11-04) build: replace user pi for user ncp

v0.32.0 (2017-11-03) spDYN: initial adjustments

v0.31.29 (2017-11-02) ncp-web: fix timeout in long operations

v0.31.28 (2017-10-31) build: expand filesystem during first boot

v0.31.27 (2017-10-31) nc-backup: check available space

v0.31.26 (2017-10-30) build: check ncp-launcher existence for old images

v0.31.25 (2017-10-29) letsencrypt: remove workaround. fixed upstream

v0.31.24 (2017-10-27) nc-forward-ports: more info in output

v0.31.23 (2017-10-27) nc-format-USB: more info in output

v0.31.22 (2017-10-25) wizard: chain configurations and improved feedback

v0.31.20 (2017-10-26) nc-notify-updates: fix repeated lines

v0.31.19 (2017-10-25) samba: disable homes share by default

v0.31.18 (2017-10-25) letsencrypt: fix return value

v0.31.17 (2017-10-25) noip: make possible to reconfigure while running

v0.31.16 (2017-10-22) freeDNS: fix periodic update typo

v0.31.15 (2017-10-19) ncp-web: improve password prompt permissions

v0.31.14 (2017-10-09) ncp-web: integrate ncp-wizard with ncp-web

v0.31.13 (2017-10-07) letsencrypt: fix workaround for old images

v0.31.12 (2017-10-05) fail2ban: email notification (Closes #232)

v0.31.11 (2017-10-04) nc-backup: fix excludes

v0.31.10 (2017-10-04) nc-forward-ports: exit status on failure

v0.31.9 (2017-10-03) nc-wifi: improve instructions

v0.31.8 (2017-09-30) ncp-web: small fixes

v0.31.7 (2017-10-03) letsencrypt: dont change config if not successful

v0.31.6 (2017-10-03) letsencrypt: fix external bug (Closes #230)

v0.31.5 (2017-09-30) nc-format-USB: fix format disks >2TB and more (Closes #223)

v0.31.4 (2017-09-30) nc-format-USB: speed up ext4 creation with lazy initialization

v0.31.3 (2017-09-30) letsencrypt: fix uppercase domains cert path (Closes #229)

v0.31.2 (2017-09-30) ncp-web: remove http2 push headers. They dont play well with pwauth (#224)

v0.31.1 (2017-09-28) nc-static-IP: fix occ path

v0.31.0 (2017-09-27) wizard: connect backend with frontend. Modifications for first release

v0.30.0 (2017-09-25) reviewed duckDNS: small adaptations

v0.29.4 (2017-09-23) nc-backup: apply limit before backup

v0.29.3 (2017-09-24) ncp-web: authentication fixes

v0.29.2 (2017-09-20) changed hostname

v0.29.1 (2017-09-20) lamp: add fileinfo mcrypt packages

v0.29.0 (2017-09-20) updated to NC12.0.3

v0.28.2 (2017-09-18) ncp-web: point changelog to master

v0.28.1 (2017-09-15) nc-static-IP: add new IP to trusted domain

v0.28.0 (2017-09-14) added nc-static-IP

v0.27.0 (2017-09-14) added nc-fix-permissions

v0.26.32 (2017-09-12) split

v0.26.31 (2017-09-12) fail2ban: autodetect log path

v0.26.30 (2017-09-11) ncp-web: fix php exec with background restarting of processes

v0.26.29 (2017-09-11) remove config txt output

v0.26.28 (2017-09-08) nc-backup: small fixes

v0.26.27 (2017-09-10) ncp-web: link to wiki info for each extra

v0.26.26 (2017-09-10) ncp-web: minor tweaks

v0.26.25 (2017-09-10) ncp-web: click version for changelog. click new version notification to nc-update

v0.26.24 (2017-09-10) nc-format-USB: silent mkfs output

v0.26.23 (2017-09-10) ncp-web: display info for each option

v0.26.22 (2017-09-09) nc-format-USB: adjust to the new automount system

v0.26.21 (2017-09-08) tag images

v0.26.20 (2017-09-08) backend: is_active() functionality

v0.26.19 (2017-09-08) letsencrypt: occ path fix

v0.26.18 (2017-09-07) refactor show_info(), make it only depend on variables

v0.26.17 (2017-09-07) ncp-web: link to changelog

v0.26.16 (2017-09-06) added sendmail and mail configuration

v0.26.15 (2017-09-06) disable not needed apache modules

v0.26.14 (2017-09-06) modsecurity: fix in Stretch

v0.26.13 (2017-09-06) apache: set default Servername

v0.26.12 (2017-09-06) nc-automount: more logging and safety delay

v0.26.11 (2017-09-05) nc-automount: small fix

v0.26.10 (2017-09-05) nc-autoupdate-ncp: ability to choose the user to notify

v0.26.9 (2017-09-04) cleanup: dont disable ssh in extras, only in

v0.26.8 (2017-09-04) samba: always use NC datadir

v0.26.7 (2017-09-04) samba: disable SMB1

v0.26.6 (2017-09-04) ncp-web: disable PHP restart in update, (doesnt work) (#176)

v0.26.5 (2017-09-04) unattended upgrades: delete default config in stretch

v0.26.4 (2017-09-03) nc-automount: small fix

v0.26.3 (2017-09-03) freeDNS: fix

v0.26.2 (2017-09-03) nc-automount: improve links more

v0.26.1 (2017-09-02) freeDNS: fixes

v0.26.0 (2017-09-01) Add FreeDNS client installation for Raspbian

v0.25.2 (2017-09-02) nc-automount: improve links

v0.25.1 (2017-09-01) nc-notify-updates: notify also of unattended upgrades

v0.25.0 (2017-09-01) added nc-webui

v0.24.18 (2017-09-01) fix IP regex

v0.24.17 (2017-09-01) nc-notify-updates: allow specifying user

v0.24.16 (2017-08-31) nc-automount: complete overhaul

v0.24.15 (2017-08-31) cleanup qemu rules

v0.24.14 (2017-08-31) noip: update description

v0.24.13 (2017-08-31) use always no-install-recommends

v0.24.12 (2017-08-31) shellcheck style fixes

v0.24.11 (2017-08-31) nc-backup: exclude opcachedir and logs

v0.24.10 (2017-08-31) various extras: check internet connectivity

v0.24.9 (2017-08-30) nc-automount: small fix

v0.24.8 (2017-08-30) nc-news: remove it, it is already in the app store

v0.24.7 (2017-08-30) fix nextcloud-domain service with ipv6

v0.24.6 (2017-08-29) nc-automount: only modify fstab when active

v0.24.5 (2017-08-29) adjust max PHP processes

v0.24.4 (2017-08-29) samba: fix permissions

v0.24.3 (2017-08-24) remove special characters from output, for ncp-web

v0.24.2 (2017-08-24) ncp-web: use SSE to display process output in real time. Exit status green/red

v0.24.1 (2017-08-22) fix fail2ban with stretch

v0.24.0 (2017-08-20) update to Raspbian Stretch

v0.23.0 (2017-08-17) ncp-web: poweroff button

v0.22.1 (2017-08-17) nc-notify-updates: simplify parameters

v0.22.0 (2017-08-16) update to nextcloud 12.0.2

v0.21.2 (2017-08-16) nc-notify-updates: only notify once

v0.21.1 (2017-08-16) nc-automount: added info

v0.21.0 (2017-08-16) added nc-autoupdate-ncp

v0.20.4 (2017-08-16) faster remote updates and version checks

v0.20.3 (2017-08-15) nc-automount: fixed persistence of links and more

v0.20.2 (2017-08-14) nc-database: fail gracefully if mv fails

v0.20.1 (2017-08-14) ncp-web: allow commas

v0.20.0 (2017-08-12) added nc-notify-updates

v0.19.11 (2017-08-11) fix version check

v0.19.10 (2017-08-11) alert of updates

v0.19.9 (2017-08-10) ncp-web: show version

v0.19.8 (2017-08-10) ncp-web: visually indicate selected extra

v0.19.7 (2017-08-10) ncp-web: active mark

v0.19.6 (2017-08-10) nc-restore: inform of existing data backup

v0.19.5 (2017-08-10) ncp-web: use checkboxes for yes/no fields

v0.19.4 (2017-08-10) ncp-web: LAN access restrictions ipv6

v0.19.3 (2017-08-10) nc-restore: dont destroy existing datadir

v0.19.2 (2017-08-10) restore from other instance fix

v0.19.1 (2017-08-08) fix web update to NC12.0.1

v0.19.0 (2017-08-08) update to nextcloud 12.0.1

v0.18.9 (2017-08-08) dont install php-smbclient: breaks samba

v0.18.8 (2017-08-08) letsencrypt: info about open ports

v0.18.7 (2017-08-07) stop script if noip config fails

v0.18.6 (2017-08-01) nc-backup: small fix

v0.18.5 (2017-07-31) simplify parameters

v0.18.4 (2017-07-31) fix swapfile with automount

v0.18.3 (2017-07-31) output some more information in nc-backup-auto and nc-scan-auto

v0.18.2 (2017-07-31) fix nc-scan-auto

v0.18.1 (2017-07-31) use letsencrypt certificate for ncp-web

v0.18.0 (2017-07-30) added nc-backup-auto

v0.17.21 (2017-07-30) fix ncadmin password

v0.17.20 (2017-07-30) refactor nc-scan-auto

v0.17.19 (2017-07-29) backup/restore: include datadir

v0.17.18 (2017-07-29) randomize database password (fixes)

v0.17.17 (2017-07-28) manage overwrite.cli.url

v0.17.16 (2017-07-28) fix smbclient segfault

v0.17.15 (2017-07-27) nc-restore: fix situation opcache dir was moved

v0.17.14 (2017-07-27) randomize database password

v0.17.13 (2017-07-27) added HTTP port to port forwarding rules

v0.17.12 (2017-07-27) fix unattended-upgrades

v0.17.11 (2017-07-27) output some more information in automount,datadir,unattended-upgrades

v0.17.10 (2017-07-26) secure mysqld

v0.17.9 (2017-07-26) nc-backup: make sure destination dir exists

v0.17.8 (2017-07-26) nc-nextcloud: fixes for docker build process

v0.17.7 (2017-07-26) nc-init: check mariaDB up

v0.17.6 (2017-07-26) dnsmasq detect ip

v0.17.5 (2017-07-26) enable nc-news

v0.17.3 (2017-07-24) letsencrypt without restarting apache

v0.17.2 (2017-07-24) ncp-web HTTPS only

v0.17.1 (2017-07-23) restart HTTPd delayed on the bg, so it does not kill AJAX response

v0.17.0 (2017-07-13) added ncp-web

v0.16.2 (2017-07-07) changed mysql config file location

v0.16.1 (2017-07-05) improve info letsencrypt

v0.16.0 (2017-06-28) added nc-format-USB

v0.15.2 (2017-06-29) add smbclient for external storage

v0.15.1 (2017-06-29) nc-automount improvements

v0.15.0 (2017-06-29) add nc-forward-ports

v0.14.9 (2017-06-29) init noip service in installation step

v0.14.8 (2017-06-29) add info message nc-news

v0.14.7 (2017-06-29) clear screen before nextcloudpi output

v0.14.6 (2017-06-28) change config message

v0.14.5 (2017-06-28) nc-wifi and trusted domain fixes

v0.14.4 (2017-06-27) nc-automount fixes

v0.14.3 (2017-06-27) protect nextcloudpi-config files from reading. They can contain sensitive information

v0.14.2 (2017-06-25) More warnings for nc-database

v0.14.1 (2017-06-25) Show current version in MOTD when there is an update available

v0.14.0 (2017-06-14) nc-init as a nextcloudpi-config option

v0.13.0 (2017-06-14) nc-news, install news app

v0.12.19 (2017-06-13) support for utf8 4byte char

v0.12.18 (2017-06-13) check version format

v0.12.17 (2017-06-13) instructions for dnsmasq and noip

v0.12.16 (2017-06-06) update trusted domains also from letsencrypt config

v0.12.14 (2017-05-28) nc-automount fixes

v0.12.13 (2017-05-28) nc-datadir detect occ errors

v0.12.12 (2017-05-28) protect ncp-update from self modifications. fix

v0.12.11 (2017-05-28) also ask to press a key if script fails, to see failed output

v0.12.10 (2017-05-28) rpi-update to prune old modules

v0.12.9 (2017-05-27) nc-datadir: move .opcache location too

v0.12.8 (2017-05-26) more checks fail2ban

v0.12.7 (2017-05-26) only show "press any key" if not canceled

v0.12.5 (2017-05-25) fix nextcloud-domain service with wicd service

v0.12.4 (2017-05-25) press key after going back to menu ncp-config

v0.12.3 (2017-05-25) improvements for nc-backup and nc-restore

v0.12.2 (2017-05-25) test for write permissions for mysql and www-data user for nc-datadir and nc-database

v0.12.1 (2017-05-25) revisited modsecurity rules. Fixed photo uploads and notes app

v0.12.0 (2017-05-20) add automount feature

v0.11.1 (2017-05-23) if ACTIVE=yes by default, launch configure for that script on update

v0.11.0 (2017-05-22) add NC12

v0.10.1 (2017-05-22) cal nextcloud-domain from nc-wifi

v0.10.0 (2017-05-21) add nc-backup and nc-restore

v0.9.0 (2017-05-20) add nextcloud instance installation command to ncp-config

v0.8.8 (2017-05-20) check destination filesystem in nc-datadir nc-databasedir

v0.8.7 (2017-05-20) add trusted domains also when setting up no-ip

v0.8.6 (2017-04-27) show ✓ if an item is activated in nextcloudpi-config

v0.8.5 (2017-05-20) fix

v0.8.4 (2017-04-27) return to menu in nextcloudpi-config

v0.8.3 (2017-04-27) dont ask for confirmation on exiting config

v0.8.2 (2017-04-27) keep current configuration on remote updates

v0.8.1 (2017-04-27) added show_info() to nextcloudpi-config

v0.8.0 (2017-04-26) [update 11.0.3] split installation between base LAMP and NC. Cleaner to just update NC releases over the base

v0.7.2 (2017-04-21) fix issue #6 First booting with a connected ethernet cable makes wicd daemon start with an empty wireless interface

v0.7.1 (2017-04-16) do not cleanup as part of ncp-update

v0.7.0 (2017-04-14) added samba/cifs

v0.6.0 (2017-04-11) NFS and nc-scan

v0.5.10 (2017-04-07) fixes enabling services

v0.5.9 (2017-04-04) disable dhcpcd when enabling wicd

v0.5.8 (2017-04-04) ncp-update: only root

v0.5.7 (2017-04-04) protect ncp-update from self modifications

v0.5.6 (2017-04-04) fix ncp-update with no internet access

v0.5.5 (2017-04-04) fix print version nextcloudpi-config

v0.5.4 (2017-04-03) nc-wifi fixes: not enabled by default

v0.5.3 (2017-04-03) check for updates (and update) upon launching nextcloudpi-config

v0.5.2 (2017-04-02) fix empty wireless_interfaces in nc-wifi

v0.5.1 (2017-04-01) bugfixes RAM logs, swap and nc-database

v0.5.0 (2017-03-31) added RAM logs

v0.4.0 (2017-03-31) added configure swap file

v0.3.0 (2017-03-31) added database location config

v0.2.0 (2017-03-31) added wifi-curses

v0.1.0 (2017-03-29) ncp updates and motd. structure directories

v0.0.1 (2017-03-24) add HTTPS only setting to nextcloudpi-config

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