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Passman is a full featured password manager.

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Logged in to vault

Credential selected

Edit credential

Password tool

For more screenshots: Click here


  • Vaults
  • Vault key is never sent to the server
  • Credentials are stored with 256 bit AES (see security)
  • Ability to add custom fields to credentials
  • Built-in OTP(One Time Password) generator
  • Password analyzer
  • Share passwords internally and via link in a secure manner.
  • Import from various password managers:
    • KeePass
    • LastPass
    • DashLane
    • ZOHO
    • EnPass
    • ocPasswords

For a demo of this app visit

Tested on

  • NextCloud 10 / 11
  • ownCloud 9.1+

External apps

Supported databases

  • SQL Lite*
  • MySQL / MariaDB*

*Tested on travis

Untested databases:

  • pgsql


Password generation

Passman features a build in password generator. Not it only generates passwords, but it also measures their strength using zxcvbn.

Generate passwords as you like

Passwords are generated using the random functions from sjcl.

Storing credentials

All passwords are encrypted client side using sjcl which uses AES-256 bit. Users supply a vault key which is feed into sjcl as encryption key. After the credentials are encrypted they are send to the server, there they will be encrypted again. This time using the following routine:

Sharing credentials.

Passman allows users to share passwords (this can be turned off by an administrator).


For developers Passman offers an api.

Support Passman

Passman is open source, and we would gladly accept a beer (or pizza!)
Please consider donating

Code reviews

If you have any improvements regarding our code. Please do the following

  • Clone us
  • Make your edits
  • Add your name to the contributors
  • Send a PR

Or if you're feeling lazy, create an issue, and we'll think about it.


To run Passman with Docker you can use our test docker image. You have to supply your own SSL certs, self signed or Let's encrypt it doesn't matter.
Please note that the docker is only for testing purposes, as database user / password are hardcoded.

If you like to spiece up our docker image and make it a full fledged secure, production ready install, you're welcome to do so.
Please note that:

  • Port 80 and 443 are used
  • SSL is enabled (or disabled if certs not found)
  • Startup time of container must be less than 15 seconds


docker run -p 8080:80 -p 8443:443 -v /directory/cert.pem:/data/ssl/cert.pem -v /directory/cert.key:/data/ssl/cert.key brantje/passman

If you want a production ready container you can use the Nextcloud docker, and install passman as an app.


Passman uses a single .js file for the templates. This gives the benefit that we don't need to request every template with XHR.
For CSS we use SASS so you need ruby and sass installed.
templates.js and the CSS are built with grunt. To watch for changes use grunt watch To run the unit tests install phpunit globally, and setup the environment variables on the script then just run that script, any arguments passed to this script will be forwarded to phpunit.

Main developers

  • Brantje
  • Animalillo


Add yours when creating a pull request!

  • None


Are you adding something to check if malicious code is executing on the browser?
No, because malicious code could edit the functions that check for malicious code.