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Webextension for the Passman Nextcloud app. Also offers browser extension & Android app.
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Passman Webextension

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Chrome webstore AMO

Tested on:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

This extension aims to provide you with your passwords in your browser.
The passwords will be provided by passman.


  • Add multiple accounts
  • List accounts for the current site
  • Detect new logins and save them to passman
  • Update existing logins in passman
  • Build-in OTP generator
  • Search for credentials

Make sure the credential has an url set, otherwise the extension won't be able to find accounts.

Support Passman

Passman is open source, but we would gladly accept a beer (or pizza!)
Please consider donating via

If you want to use this extension as a base for your own extension, please do so =).

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