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📑 Collaborative document editing using Markdown
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Nextcloud Text

📑 Collaborative document editing!

  • 📝 Focused writing: No distractions, only the formatting you need.
  • 🙋 Work together: Share and collaborate with friends and colleagues, no matter if they use Nextcloud or not!
  • 💾 Open format: Files are saved as Markdown, so you can edit them from any other text app too.
  • Strong foundation: We use 🐈 tiptap which is based on 🦉 ProseMirror – huge thanks to them!

🏗 Development setup

Currently this app requires the master branch of the Viewer app.

  1. ☁ Clone this app into the apps folder of your Nextcloud: git clone
  2. 👩‍💻 In the folder of the app, run the command make to install dependencies and build the Javascript.
  3. Enable the app through the app management of your Nextcloud
  4. 🎉 Partytime! Help fix some issues and review pull requests 👍

🧙 Advanced development stuff

To build the Javascript whenever you make changes, instead of the full make you can also run npm run build. Or run npm run watch to rebuild on every file save.

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