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@rs rs released this
· 298 commits to master since this release
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f5c5b6b Add cache-max-ttl configuration parameter
0e2dc7a Add caching support
06fba6f Add the max-ttl flag to control the maximum TTL sent to clients
b0a9654 Automatically invalidate cache entries set before a configuration update
c850c10 Avoid cloaking cache fallback error
6ac3d7c Disable dnsmasq cache when nextdns cache is enabled with setup-router
be160b2 Do no use TTL of additionals section and do not update OPT (EDNS0) RRs
8c3cd34 Fix ECS IP not taken into account if MAC is not set.
a1abc2b Fix EdgeOS init script
89a6da6 Fix bug with cache-hit overwriting the query buffer
6068f68 Fix caching interaction with UDP truncation
25821fe Fix crash when cache is not enabled
98467cf Fix stdlib happy eyeball not disabled correctly
eb6795b Fix test
c706b9c Fix typo (#117)
e66b842 No error when deactivate is called while not activated
0621f92 Set config-size default value to 0 to avoid parse error
c208387 Unset TZ variable to fix time zone in syslog (#113)
372b627 Upgrade to Go 1.14.2
11dad95 dnsmasq.postconf update for ASUSWRT-Merlin-LTS (#112)