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NextDNS CLI is a DNS53 to DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) proxy with advanced capabilities to get the most out of the NextDNS service. Although the most advanced features will only work with NextDNS, this program can work as a client for any DoH provider or a mix of NextDNS + another DNS (split horizon).

The CLI is mostly aimed at routers and UNIX based systems, but it is also a great client for windows and macOS for people who prefer a fully open-source clients and don't mind the lack of GUI.


You will need a NextDNS configuration ID to complete the installation.

On most platforms, the following command is enough to install NextDNS CLI:

sh -c 'sh -c "$(curl -sL"'

Please see below for more detailed instructions for your platform.

In case of installation issue, please search our issue tracker for an existing solution, or please report your problem otherwise.


  • Stub DNS53 to DoH proxy.
  • Auto discovery and forwarding of LAN client's name and model.
  • Supports a vast number of platforms / OS / routers.
  • Can run on single host or at router level.
  • Local cache
  • Auto router setup (integrate with many different router firmware).
  • Serve from /etc/hosts.
  • Multi upstream healthcheck / fallback.
  • Conditional forwarder selection based on domain.
  • Conditional NextDNS configuration ID selection based on client subnet prefix or MAC address.
  • Auto detection of captive portals.

Advanced Usages

Supported Platforms

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