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Showcase for integrating the NextEvent PHP SDK
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NextEvent PHP SDK Integration Demo

This is a reference integration of NextEvent's PHP SDK in a shopping web application.

It's a loose adaption following the SDK documentation and primarily serves as a showcase.


This project requires PHP 5.5 or higher with session support and Composer to install the dependencies.


In order to run this demo web app, first clone the repo to your webserver:

git clone nextevent_demo

Then install the required modules with Composer:

cd /path/to/nextevent_demo
composer install --no-dev


To update the demo to the newest version just run:

composer update


Before running the app, you need to create a local config file using the credentials to access the NextEvent API. Please contact us to obtain these credentials.

Then copy the file config/example.config.php into config/config.php and adjust the config options according to your environment and using the API access credentials.


Since this is a bare-bones PHP web application it's best served with a PHP enabled webserver like Apache or Nginx. If you don't want to dive into a full webserver setup, simply start PHP's built-in web server from the shell:

cd /path/to/nextevent_demo
php -S -t public/

Now point your browser at http://<your-host-name>:8000 and book your first ticket.


Copyright (C) 2018, NextEvent AG,

Published under the MIT License, all rights reserved.

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