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Awesome Nextflow

A curated list of Nextflow pipelines inspired by other awesome-* lists.

Example pipelines

Featured pipelines

Other pipelines


Pipelines collections

  • IARC-nf - List of IARC bioinformatics nextflow pipelines.
  • nf-core - A collection of high quality Nextflow pipelines.


Other links

  • Nextflow Hackathon '17 - Projects repositorty of the Nextflow Hackathon held in Barcelona, Sept 2017
  • Nextflow Workbench - Workbench that make it easier to write data analysis workflows with Nextflow
  • nf-core/tools - Helper tools for the nf-core community, linting, template...
  • Make to Nextflow - Converts Makefile to Nextflow
  • NCBI-Hackathons/SPeW - A discussion comparting different workflow frameworks including Nextflow.
  • NGS workflow Excellent blog post comparing Make/Snakemake/Nextflow by Julian Mazzitelli