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Version 19.05.0-edge

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@pditommaso pditommaso released this 20 May 19:11
· 2843 commits to master since this release
  • Add Aws Batch maxParallelTransfers config #1107 [26d3755]
  • Add NXF_ANSI_SUMMARY var to disable log summary [d4b9cc4]
  • Add support for AWS user volumes and jobRoleArn [651eead]
  • Add Support for LSF per task resource reserve mode #1071
  • Fix Env variable with blanks is not resolved correctly in containers #1146
  • Fix method isDynamic visibility [f241781]
  • Fix WebLogObserver data leak on completion #1010
  • Fix unit test execution [622d97d]
  • Fix Quiet cli option is not honoured [e656e4b]
  • Fix Log messages don't show in the console #1129 [95f4dd7]
  • Fix nextflow build timestamp json rendering [af6584c]
  • Fix Launcher should return non-zero exit when fail to setp env #1126
  • Update get started docs [68f5336]
  • Update aws sdk to version 1.11.542
  • Update created label in timestamp [e8945e8]
  • Update readme IDE version
  • Refactor AWS cli path option [ad9af0d]
  • Improve Dsl-2 error reporting [4e2621f]
  • Improve CI tests scripts [febeb53]
  • Improve docs for config profiles [8cf95a5]
  • Syntax enhancement aka DLS-2 #984 [651af95]
  • Print summary only the run takes > 3mins [cd45971]
  • Render last tag along with the process name #1144 [8cf8cc4]
  • Sync build scripts [a568921]
  • Provide scm credentials when fetching information about remote branches #1135 [808847b]
  • Code cleanup [2322fbc]