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slides Update Sep 13, 2017

Nextflow hackathon 2017 projects

This repository lists the project ideas and the material used during the hackathon organised in the context of the Nextflow workshop that will take on 14-15 September 2017 in Barcelona.


PRBB building, Charles Darwin room, ground floor (you will need an ID card to enter in the building).


The workshop schedule is available here.

Event chat

We will use the following Gitter channel during the workshop activities. Feel free to register and use it for any question about logistic, problems, doubts during the hackathon, etc.


Project ideas are listed in the issues page.

Feel free to join one of the listed project or create a new one if you have a specific idea on which you would like to work.

We also encourage you to create a separate GitHub repository to keep track your project files and link it to the relative project idea in the above link. This will allow us to share and follow-up the hackathon achievement.


The Nextflow tutorial is available at this reporitory.

Tutorial participants are encouraged to implement the Variant Calling pipeline described in this tutorial in the second day.


You can find below the link to the speaker slides: