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NEXTFLOW Trademark Policy

nextflow logo

"Nextflow®" is a registered trademark of Centre de Recerca Genómica de Barcelona, Spain ("CRG").

The objective of this policy is to encourage widespread use of the Nextflow trademark (including both the coloured logo above and the word) by our community while regulating that use in order to avoid confusion (on the part of service providers, users and the general public), to safeguard the value of the image and reputation of the Nextflow trademark and associated software tools and materials.

The Nextflow trademark is designed to cover use of a mark to imply origin or endorsement by the Nextflow project. When a user downloads something called Nextflow, they should know it comes from the Nextflow project. This helps Nextflow build a reputation that will not be damaged by confusion around what is, and isn't, Nextflow.

In summary:

  • Third parties ("you") can use the Nextflow trademark, in accordance with these guidelines, or with permission in writing of CRG.
  • Express permission is required to use the Nextflow trademarks in any name or title that identifies a software product or services (including SaaS services), any domain name or URL.
  • If you are developing a software application (e.g. a data analysis workflow), or creating services that use or interact with Nextflow, you may reference Nextflow in a descriptive manner (e.g. "based on Nextflow"), but must avoid any direct implication or an endorsement by the Nextflow project or its authors.
  • You can use the Nextflow trademark in discussion, commentary, criticism or parody, provided that you do not imply endorsement by the Nextflow project or its authors.
  • You can write articles, create websites, blogs or talk about Nextflow, provided that it is clear that you are in no way speaking for or on behalf of Nextflow project or its authors and that you do not imply an endorsement by them.
  • If you want to use the Nextflow mark outside what is permitted there, please contact us.

The sections below describe what is allowed, what isn't allowed, and cases in which you should ask permission. If you have any doubt, or if you believe any mark is being used in breach of this policy, please contact us at and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Permitted uses

Certain uses of the Nextflow trademark do not require specific permission.

  • Community use. Nextflow was and is still being built by the CRG and the Nextflow project collaborators, largely for the benefit of the scientific community. Nextflow is distributed under an open source license, principally to encourage use and further development of the platform in an open, collaborative and free manner. Members of this community may use the Nextflow trademark for the purposes of discussion, development and advocacy.

  • Non-commercial (e.g. academic) use. This type of use of the Nextflow trademark is permitted without further authorisation, provided that you do so in accordance with these guidelines, there is there is no commercial intent behind the use, you are referring to the Nextflow project, tools and/or materials; and there is no suggestion (through words or appearance) that your project is approved, sponsored, or affiliated with the Nextflow project or it authors. Note: This does not stop you creating commercial or non-commercial projects using or developing Nextflow-oriented tools and interfaces, but you should not use the Nextflow mark (or any mark confusingly similar) to identify your project.

  • Developing your own applications (e.g. workflows) using Nextflow. If you are implementing a workflow application using Nextflow, you may use the trademark in a way that describes how Nextflow is related to your application. For example, acceptable use would be "[Name] is a workflow application based on Nextflow", "[Name] is a Nextflow-driven workflow application".

  • Developing and modifying the Nextflow platform and tools. The ability to customise Nextflow platform and tools to meet your specific needs is one of the great strengths of free and open source software. You may adapt and modify Nextflow platform and tools in accordance with the corresponding license (which includes attribution to the Nextflow project, for which you may obviously use the Nextflow trademark). If you are creating a derivative work of Nextflow (i.e. a modification of the Nextflow source code), you should give your new product a different name but you can use the Nextflow trademark when describing it (e.g. "based on Nextflow", "forked from Nextflow" or "compatible with Nextflow", etc.), (complying the more detailed conditions set out below).

  • Creating an extension for Nextflow or integrating Nextflow in your own application or software stack. If you are producing new software or a service that is intended for use with Nextflow or integrates the Nextflow runtime, you may use the trademark in a way which describes the intent of your application or how Nextflow is related to your application or product. For example, if you are developing an extension component for Nextflow, acceptable project names would be "[Name] plugin for Nextflow" or "[Name] is a platform integrating Nextflow software".

  • Commentary about Nextflow. Using the trademarks in discussion, commentary or criticism (or even parody), in ways that unequivocally do not imply endorsement, is permissible. Anyone is free to write articles, create websites, blog about, or talk about Nextflow - as long as it's clear to everyone - including people completely unfamiliar with Nextflow - that they are simply referring to Nextflow and in no way speaking for the Nextflow project or its authors.

For example, the following statements are permitted, as they make descriptive use of "Nextflow" mark:

  • [Your name] is a workflow runtime for Nextflow based applications.
  • [Your name] cloud is a platform for Nextflow based workflows.
  • Quick start for Nextflow by [Your Company]
  • [Your Company] provides training solutions for developers working with Nextflow technologies.
  • [Your Company] provides commercial grade support for Nextflow based applications and deployments.

Expressions such as "Nextflow applications" or "Nextflow developers" (other than those provided or engaged by the Nextflow project itself), i.e. using "Nextflow" to identify the applications or developers, are not permitted, as they indicate that the applications or developers are created by or hired by the Nextflow project. For these scenarios, you should use expressions like "Nextflow based applications" or "developers skilled with Nextflow". Nor may you use the Nextflow trademark for promoting third party commercial activities inferring any sponsorship, affiliation, or creation/founding of the project.

For example, the following statements are not permitted:

  • Nextflow by [Your Company]
  • Nextflow - [Your Company]
  • [Your Name/Company] - Nextflow
  • Nextflow Quick Start by [Your Company]
  • Nextflow application by [Your Company]

We reserve the right to review all usage within the open source community and commercial partners and other entities, and to object to any usage that appears to overstep the bounds of discussion and good-faith. In any event, once a project has left the open source project phase or otherwise become a commercial project, this policy does not authorize any use of the trademarks in connection to that project, except as a reference to origin and source.

Restricted use that requires a trademark license

You will require permission from us to use the Nextflow trademark under any circumstances other than those specifically permitted above, such as:

  • Use in the name or in relation to a software product by a private entity that includes or is built on top of or interoperates with our platform, e.g. "Nextflow [Name] Limited" or "Nextflow [Name] application" or "[Name] Nextflow platform".
  • Use in a domain name or URL. (e.g. "www.nextflow[name].com" or "www.nextflow-[name].net" or "nextflow.[your-company].com/org/etc.").
  • Use for commercial merchandising purposes, e.g. on t-shirts and the like.

You must obtain prior written approval from the CRG if you wish to use the Nextflow Trademark for any purposes that are not permitted above, including commercial purposes. Please contact the CRG on

Please note that the Nextflow trademark may be used for descriptive or reference purposes (referring to the Nextflow technologies and/or community) in accordance with Spanish trademark law.

Contacting us

If you wish to have permission for any of the uses above or for any other use which is not specifically referred to in this policy, please contact us at