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NextGen Connect 3.7.0

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@narupley narupley released this 19 Dec 22:59
· 2069 commits to development since this release

NOTE: This version is affected by the critical vulnerability CVE-2023-43208. You should upgrade to version 4.4.1 or later.

NextGen Connect 3.7.0 includes dozens of new features, improvements, and bug fixes!

Some key features and benefits of the new release include:

  • Java 11 Support — Java 11 is the newest "major" release of Java, and with it comes lots of great features like TLS 1.3 support. It's also the latest LTS release for Oracle support customers. Java 8 is not yet EOL so it can still definitely be used.

  • OpenJDK Support — No need to be worried about Oracle's recent license changes. With 3.7, Connect now supports both the official Oracle JDK, as well as OpenJDK distributions like the Oracle OpenJDK JDK, Azul Zulu, AdoptOpenJDK, and others! So when public security updates cease for Oracle JDK 8, you won't be forced to purchase Oracle support. You can choose whatever Java distribution you want.

  • Database Connection Pool Options — The database connections Connect uses can now be separated into read/write and read-only pools, which means you can leverage read-replica database scaling for running Connect in a cluster.

  • Advanced Clustering: Guaranteed Message Order — Our Advanced Clustering extension is great for horizontally scaling your Connect servers, and paired with a load balancer you can greatly improve throughput by allowing channels to run on multiple servers simultaneously. However in some cases you want messages for a particular channel to process in order. This is now possible in 3.7, and can be enabled on a per-channel and per-destination-queue basis!

  • User Authorization: Channel Tags / Groups — The role/privilege options for our User Authorization extension have been expanded in 3.7! With this you can create more fine-tuned roles. For example you can decide that a particular user should only be able to View/Manage channels that have a certain tag, or that belong to a certain group.

  • And More!

See What's New | Upgrade Guide | Release Notes



OS Arch Download Link SHA256 MD5
Windows x86 Installer c7acbb809a1fd86af137c0a8b3c4c17f756f5ec15b72425551420ef0377847fa fbae1c18cca9697786f32396821c088e
Windows x86 Zip 0300b30cb96d0cbad43f370c6058ecdc97d4d7be1e4cca8ef7dc5c33be35e3ca 30bf6d39749ffbc3562ec7c74afc0ae0
Windows x64 Installer cacc662ebae215d11d4d0018c75f7734ba5d71f028a9a45e0c33eec69c5e24d6 0ecebbbfee4fc384e0b7d5519e15b6eb
Windows x64 Zip 47361fc0a54d822c409b77381eb44d4916d188fbe63576ef8b78b5bb8f47fa30 fd63970e87b6ba182f02ec6612a5e6c8
Linux x64 RPM 7796e6aee2b070af18d57ffc3ccf124aa50d703ba581bcf08738a2667ee0cce8 3125727906c24cff81c65a976480b516
Linux x64 Tar.gz 360de1d474171f648f55f9b8bb8bff5d9799ebd02c82cb473aabd4e1152d844d ba81af55261517c6a4e9573b8bd7edfe
Linux x64 Installer 94972e22e1b45e02b5ec9ce363d0686f6da5dae1b7b05e0c48fab7828d3448ee 819bba4a15902f32b0eb8887b7ba95d9
Mac OS X x64 Installer 414578d962266b689b04022dbe97a5236a5fd08867bf1384d295cc6094a469cc 3ed2ba5e28524e88d3b3521f3eb9d1f6
Mac OS X x64 Tar.gz 360de1d474171f648f55f9b8bb8bff5d9799ebd02c82cb473aabd4e1152d844d ba81af55261517c6a4e9573b8bd7edfe

Command Line Interface

OS Arch Download Link SHA256 MD5
Windows x86 Zip 9e18ddc41a621faf56e53041c674d297c78e825a94c41569b527d7598f3d7fae 0cd998f22de44767062b69d71cb32126
Windows x64 Zip 49d8bb7dee703f13c8f2661b088787c331a7d74b5bfe6696cd1dff762db0b9e4 7310faffaa3e888734f05fd3b0b1e019
Linux x64 Tar.gz 9eb764ab5de41921fbc0ffe2b0ed2a87b10653bf735ac46b22ff042f77387849 80aeaa441cd7a967e1b82b87b8533719
Mac OS X x64 Tar.gz 9eb764ab5de41921fbc0ffe2b0ed2a87b10653bf735ac46b22ff042f77387849 80aeaa441cd7a967e1b82b87b8533719