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This folder contains some working runnable example-projects (With tests also).

Example 1 - Booking

This example is pretending to be a simple booking-application:

  • A Booking can be opened
  • You can reserve a seat ** Which prints the ticket
  • You can canel a seat
  • The booking can be closed ** A notification to the cinema is sent.

(Example-runner-code) (eventsourcing-code) (tests)

Example 2 - Trust Account creation

This example is pretending to be a system used to handle the process of creating a Trust Account.

It communicates with the following "external systems":

  • E-Signing system
  • E-mail system
  • Trust Account Creation System

This diagram explains the state- and flow- of the process:

Trust Account Creation process

(Example-runner-code) (eventsourcing-code) (tests)

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