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🍀 NextGIS QGIS build using NextGIS Borsch.

This simplified and reorganized repository of original QGIS with NextGIS additions needed by network installer.

Update sources

To update sources from original QGIS repository execute command in borsch opt directory:

> python organize --src /<path to QGIS sources>/QGIS --dst_name qgis

In opt directory of this repository there is several files which interfere on sources merging process:

  • folders.csv - list of original directories to merge
  • - script executed after successfully merging (name is constant for

Postprocess copying files (with paths) from opt/overwrite to the root of repository. Files with same names and paths overwrite.

Customization details

The only few files of original sources were change:

  • main.cpp - the entry point of QGIS
  • qgisapp.h - private members made protected, several methods made virtual
  • qgisapplication.h - private members made protected, several methods made virtual
  • qgisapp.ui - remove some menus and buttons

The full list of files can be found in opt/overwrite directory.

There are special files with NextGIS customization:

NGQgsApplication class inherited from QgsApplication. The NGQgsApplication class instantiated in main.cpp. The QgsApplication methods are overridden in NGQgsApplication.

NGQgisApp class inherited from QgisApp. The NGQgisApp class instantiated in main.cpp. The QgisApp methods are overridden in NGQgisApp.

To customize QGIS one have to modify the NGQgsApplication and NGQgisApp via overriding base class methods and adding own classes. It's not recommended to change QGIS sources as they will be overwritten next merge sources turn.

To add some QGIS components:

  1. Add component path to folders.csv or remove skip mark if path already in this file. Check the all extensions/file names are in this row.
  2. Add or modify CMakeLists.txt. For plugins you only need to add new directory name to plugins list (i.e. providers).
  3. Check additional resources (images, databases or other files) which needed by component, are imported from original sources and install in target system via cmake install target.

Some dependencies are removed:

  • Flex and Bison not needed to build QGIS. Only to update/regenerate flex and byson lexer/parser files. To do it use this command cmake --build . --config release --target prepare_parser
  • Spatial reference system database already filled and not generate. Special target to generate this DB will be added in future.


Mac OS X





    -DWITH_SpatialIndex=ON -DWITH_Spatialite=ON -DWITH_SQLite3=ON -DWITH_SIP=ON \


All scripts are licensed under GNU GPL v2. See COPYING file.


Commercial support

Need to fix a bug or add a feature to NextGIS installer? We provide custom development and support for this software. Contact us to discuss options!