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NextGIS Frontend

This repository is under construction.

Packages @nextgis/

Base usage

Using directly in the browser

Include assets

Download and include with a script tag. [Package] will be registered as a global variable.

<script src="./lib/[package].js"></script>
  var package = new Package(options);


<script src="[package]@latest"></script>

We recommend linking to a specific version number that you can update manually:

<script src="[package]@0.11.0"></script>


NPM/YARN is the recommended installation method when building large scale applications with [PACKAGE]. It pairs nicely with module bundlers such as Webpack.

# latest stable
$ npm i -S @nextgis/[package]
# or with yarn
$ yarn add @nextgis/[package]

then import the [package] in the project modules

import Package from '@nextgis/[package]';

const package = new Package(options);

For developers

Instructions for whole repository

# Clone git through ssh
git clone
cd ./nextgisweb_frontend
# Install yarn and lerna global
npm i -g yarn lerna
# Install dependencies
yarn install
# Prepare packages
yarn run bootstrap
# Build all packages
yarn run prod
# Build demp app
yarn run demo

Instructions for a particular package

# Go to package directory (for example webmap)
cd ./packages/webmap
# Run build command
yarn run build
# Run watch source files changes command
yarn run watch


To publish new version to git and npm run

lerna publish

When publishing, you will need to select a new version number. It is the same for all libraries. Dependencies between packages are solved automatically.

To publish a new package, run the following command in the package folder

npm publish --access=public

Commercial support

Need to fix a bug or add a feature to NextGIS Frontend? We provide custom development and support for this software. Contact us to discuss options!