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Next Glass

This repo contains a couple of documents that are important to our culture, our benefits and our future. Take a look, and get in touch if us humans are humans you might enjoy hanging out with.

###About Join us in revolutionizing how people enjoy wine. Help us make every next glass, the perfect glass. Next Glass™ is like Pandora® for wine, delivering great wine recommendations every time. Give us one glass you love and we'll make sure you never drink a bad wine again. Our scientific methods remove the vague adjectives from wine descriptions, leaving only the true essence of each wine and making choosing your next glass as easy as drinking it. How's it work? We match your favorites to bottles in our Wine Genome Cellar™ to find the ones that are perfect for you.

###The Solution What wine will I enjoy? More than 2 million consumers turn to the Internet for the answer to this question every day. But the Internet is filled with bad information, biased opinions and adjective-laden wine descriptions. Current recommenders like Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Robert Parker only cause more confusion. Their mysterious ratings and adjective-based reviews do little to help consumers decide which wine to buy. And on top of that, they can't even agree amongst themselves! Next Glass solves this problem by removing subjectivity and applying science to deliver recommendations based on your previous ratings. For consumers, it means your next great glass is on its way. For businesses, it means you’re closer to knowing what customers want.

#####Choose The Right Wine Every Time Next Glass recommends glasses you’ll love and breaks the code of wine menus and endless grocery aisles. With Next Glass, you don’t have to worry about a flowery description from a stuffy server because we make it easy to find a wine that fits perfectly. Discover a new favorite wine and connect with the restaurants and merchants who carry it. Remove the mystery from wine and order your next glass with confidence. Whether you’re trying something familiar or brand new, knowing Next Glass backs up the recommendation with science, you can rest easy and enjoy your wine.

Problems Next Glass Solves

  • What wine should I select from this restaurant, merchant or grocery store?
  • What bottle of wine would we enjoy splitting at dinner?
  • What bottles should I select if I want to build a case of wines that are all new to me?
  • What are my top ten favorite wines around�the world within a specific price range?
  • What wine under $20 is most like my favorite $250 Opus One, and where can I buy it?
  • What wines should I select for a party to ensure everyone has at least one they will enjoy?
  • What small production vineyards can I discover that carry wines I would enjoy and will ship directly to my home?
  • I need a gift for a friend- What’s a wine they’ve never tried but are certain to enjoy?

###Insightful Analytics & Targeted Marketing Next Glass provides valuable data on the wine purchasing habits of your customers, allowing you to expand your wine offering to reflect what they want, not just what a wine distributor tells you to serve. It takes the guesswork out of purchasing and allows you to hone in on the wines that match the DNA, price point and preferences of your customers.

With this powerful data set, it’s easy to identify consumer trends as they begin. That means you can shape your wine list to deliver what’s hot alongside your best sellers. Being on the leading-edge of wine trends solidifies your place as a merchant of choice among foodies and sets you up as a go-to for new and interesting wines.

###How Next Glass Works Next Glass eliminates the risk of bad wine selections for consumers, merchants and restaurants. Using patent pending science and technology, Next Glass is analyzing tens of thousands of wines (about 98% of the available US market) and using the resulting data to create the world’s first Wine Genome Cellar.

This database, which will effectively hold the “DNA” of each wine sold in the US (with over 22,000 attributes describing each wine), is coupled with sophisticated machine-learning software which discovers complex patterns and subtle links between wine “DNA”, merchant and vineyard profiles, and consumer preferences.

With all of this data and a multitude of learned patterns and links, Next Glass's technology is able to instantly provide highly accurate and relevant recommendations, targeted and measured marketing connections, and insightful analytics.