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NEXT is a Java GWT UI framework for building native looking HTML5 apps on SmartPhones and Tablets.
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NEXT is a Java GWT UI framework for developing Native Looking HTML5 Mobile apps for SmartPhones and Tablets.

MVC based. Amazing looking UI catalog. Cross-Platform.

More information:

Demo (WebKit only):

Apps (WebKit only):

Supported Phones & Tablets:

Device agnostic, it runs on 6 devices: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS6+, webOS, Samsung Bada, PlayBook


  • Java5+
  • GWT (Google Web Kit) 2.2+
  • Eclipse & ANT (optional)


Running the Demo:

  • Download file
  • Add the attached hello-next project to Eclipse. Eclipse should automatically discover it as a GWT project.
  • From Eclipse /Run /Run As Web Application
  • You should see a demo similar to next-demo

Start a new project:

  • Download file
  • Add the attached next.jar (/hello-next/war/WEB-INF/next.jar) file to your GWT project & classpath
  • Add next.css and next/images to your project root. Use index.html for reference.
  • Edit your project .gwt.xml and add

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <module rename-to='your-mobule-name'>
                            <inherits name='next.interfaces' />
                            <entry-point class='com.domain.YourEntryPoint' />

Hello World in 30 seconds:

  • Create a new GWT project as explained above
  • Create class HelloWorldController

            class HelloWorldController extends XTableController {
                    public HelloWorldController() {
                            setTitle("Hello World");
                            TableData tableDS = new TableData();
                            tableDS.add("Hello", "World");
  • In your EntryPoint class paste

            public void onModuleLoad() {
                            XTabBarController tabBarController = new XTabBarController();
                            tabBarController.addControllers(new XTabController(new HelloWorldController()));
  • Eclipse /Run /Run as Web Application resulting in this screenshot

See the zipped /hello-next project or next-demo for more information.


Google Group:!forum/nextinterfaces

Copyright (c) 2012 NEXT interfaces, released under Apache License v.2.0

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