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NEXT is a system that allows crowd-sourcing active learning. We cover some of the features NEXT provides in the Introduction section below, then start a dive into development docs.

Talks give a good brief introduction to NEXT at the highest level. For scientists and develoeprs, we most recommend the PyData Ann Arbor talk. It's an enhanced and refined version of the SciPy talk.

Venue Audience Length Link
PyData Ann Arbor Scientists and developers 1 hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTyu4QTXZTc
SciPy 2017 Scientific Python developers 30 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blPjDYCvppY
Simons Institute conference on Interactive Learning Machine learning researchers 30 minutes https://youtu.be/ESXgbZQ1ZTk?t=1732

We give more detail on the items on launching experiments and getting setup in the SciPy 2017 proceedings: http://conference.scipy.org/proceedings/scipy2017/pdfs/scott_sievert.pdf.

After launching NEXT, be sure to visit [next-url]:8000/home which provides links further app argument documentation, the experiment list and dashboards!