Optimizing Fortran Compiler for Quantum Chemistry
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NextMove Software gXXfortran  v1.0 release
(c) 2010, 2011 NextMove Software, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For installation instructions, please see INSTALL

This package provides a "pgf77" script that emulates the
Portland Group's PGI fortran 77 compiler, instead using the
Free Software Foundation's GNU gfortran compiler instead.
This emulation is sufficient to allow packages such as
Gaussian03, that would otherwise require a commercial
compiler, to be built using open source tools.

In addition, this package also allows Gaussian03 to be
built on a case-insensitive file system (such as when
using Mac OS X, cygwin or a FAT32 drive) by overriding
the behaviour of "cp" and "gau-cpp" such that they don't
cause problems when used by Gaussian's build scripts
on non case-sensitive file systems.