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schemas.xml extract setup tasks in setup.xml Aug 29, 2013
setup.xml add x86(32 bit) installers Oct 2, 2014

Current build status: Build Status

For more information about NextReports Designer see the product page link.

How to build


  • Git
  • JDK 7 (test with java -version)
  • Apache Ant (test with ant -version)


  • create a local clone of this repository (with git clone
  • go to project's folder (with cd nextreports-designer)
  • build the artifacts (with ant clean release)

After above steps a folder artifacts is created and all goodies are in that folder.

How to run

It's very simple to run the nextreports-designer. First, you must build the project using above steps. After building process go to dist folder and execute the script:

  • run.bat (for windows)
  • (for linux/unix)
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