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Merge pull request #69 from nextstrain/dengue-dev

Dengue gets #fancy (major code cleanup + docs, added auspice options, and improved titer model exports)
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sidneymbell committed Nov 18, 2017
2 parents 338ee57 + 4adafcd commit 8fd42ac6699aa87d7f53ac4ada2d5768aa0d6f71
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@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@ def collect_args():
parser.add_argument('-s', '--serotypes', '--lineage', choices=["all", "denv1", "denv2", "denv3", "denv4", "multiple"], default="multiple", type=str, nargs='+', help="Serotype(s) to prepare. \"multiple\" will run them all.")
parser.add_argument('-y', '--years_back', type=int, default=100, help="Years back in time to sample from")
parser.add_argument('--titers', default='../../../fauna/data/dengue_titers.tsv', help="tab-delimited file of titer strains and values from fauna (e.g., dengue_titers.tsv)")
parser.add_argument('--strains', help="a text file containing a list of strains (one per line) to prepare without filtering or subsampling")
return parser
dropped_strains = [
@@ -33,6 +33,12 @@ def collect_args():
genotype_references = ['AB074760', 'EU848545', 'D10513', 'JF297570', 'JQ922547', 'JF297572', 'JQ922544', 'AF425629', 'AF180817', 'AF425625', 'JQ922546', 'AY713473', 'EF457905', 'U88535', 'AY722801', 'JN379478', 'AY732476', 'AY732474', 'AF425630', 'AY732483', 'AF425611', 'GQ868601', 'AF425620', 'AF425628', 'AB600923', 'AF226687', 'M87512', 'JN638342', 'AF226685', 'AY732477', 'AF425626', 'AY732413', 'FJ196845', 'DQ285562', 'AY153757', 'AY762084', 'AY732461', 'AB608789', 'AM746218', 'AY732480', 'FJ196846', 'JN638344', 'AF425632', 'JN379486', 'DQ855297', 'AY722802', 'JN638340', 'AF311956', 'AB189121', 'AF309641', 'AF298808', 'GQ868559', 'AY726555', 'AB189121', 'AF298807', 'AY422785', 'AF514883', 'AF514889', 'AY620951', 'JN415515', 'JN415499', 'DQ672564', 'AY713476', 'AY732479', 'AY732464', 'AY630407', 'DQ672564', 'KF559254', 'JN415503', 'EU863650', 'FJ196842', 'JN379472', 'JN415488', 'AB195673', 'EU596501', 'JN415524', 'FR666922', 'AM746216', 'AY835999', 'AY858983', 'AB204803', 'EU081258', 'EU081226', 'FN825674', 'EU179860', 'JF297581', 'JN415516', 'JQ922548', 'FJ196844', 'HQ332182', 'JN415533', 'JN415523', 'GU131962', 'KC172829', 'AB608787', 'JN415506', 'GU131863', 'JN903579', 'GQ357692', 'GU131792', 'JN415521', 'JN415527', 'JN415534', 'KR919821', 'KC692495', 'JN903581', 'JF960211', 'JN415519', 'GU131895', 'HQ891316', 'JQ915080', 'HG316481', 'HG316482', 'KC692512', 'KC182084', 'KR919811', 'JN415492', 'JN415494', 'JN415513', 'KJ189367', 'JQ675358', 'KJ649286', 'KR919805', 'KC848576', 'KR919815', 'JX298570', 'KF289072', 'KJ933413', 'KJ726662', 'KR919808', 'KR919819', 'KR919813', 'KF973455', 'KF864667', 'KR919806', 'KR919807', 'KR919809', 'KR919817', 'KF184975', 'KM458188', 'LC002828', 'KR919816', 'KR919812', 'KR919818', 'KR919814', 'KR919820', 'KR919810', 'AF038403', 'U87411', 'EF105387', 'EU003591', 'EF105388', 'EF105384', 'EF105379', 'DQ181806', 'EF105385', 'EU056812', 'EF105382', 'EF105380', 'EF105383', 'EF105386', 'EF105381', 'EF105378', 'M20558', 'AY037116', 'JX966379', 'DQ181799', 'AF208496', 'AF359579', 'EF105389', 'EF105390', 'EF457904', 'EU179858', 'FJ467493', 'JF260983', 'KC294207', 'M93130', 'AF317645', 'AY676353', 'JQ411814', 'AY744685', 'AY923865', 'DQ675519', 'JN406514', 'AY099337', 'AY099336', 'EF629367', 'EU081198', 'HQ332171', 'JN406515', 'HG316484', 'JF262783', 'JF262780', 'EF457906', 'JF262779', 'AF326573', 'JF262782', 'JF262781', 'AY618989', 'AY618993', 'AY618992', 'KF041260', 'JQ822247', 'JN983813', 'JX024758']
sanofi_vaccine_strains = {
'denv1': 'DENV1/THAILAND/PUO359/1980',
'denv2': 'DENV2/THAILAND/PUO218/1980',
'denv3': 'DENV3/THAILAND/PAH88188/1988',
'denv4': 'DENV4/INDONESIA/S1228/1978'}
references = {
"denv1": {"metadata": {'strain': "DENV1/NAURUISLAND/REFERENCE/1997", "accession": "NC_001477", "date": "1997-XX-XX", 'host': "NA", 'country': "Nauru", 'region': "oceania"}},
"denv2": {"metadata": {'strain': "DENV2/THAILAND/REFERENCE/1964", "accession": "NC_001474", "date": "1964-XX-XX", 'host': "NA", 'country': "Thailand", "region": "southeast_asia"}},
@@ -72,7 +78,7 @@ def make_config(serotype, params):
elif os.path.isfile("../../../fauna/data/dengue_%s.fasta"%serotype): #is file: # Look for a serotype-specific fasta
input_paths = ["../../../fauna/data/dengue_%s.fasta"%serotype]
else: # If it doesn't exist, try to pull serotype-specific sequences out of the all-serotype fasta (warn the user of this behavior)
input_paths = [select_serotype('../../../fauna/data/dengue_all.fasta', '../fauna/data/', serotype)]
input_paths = [select_serotype('../../../fauna/data/dengue_all.fasta', '../../../fauna/data/', serotype)]
print('WARNING: Did not find serotype-specific fasta file.\nPulled sequences with serotype %s from all-serotype fasta file %s\nWrote these to file %s'%(serotype, '../fauna/data/dengue.fasta', input_paths))
years_back = params.years_back
@@ -85,33 +91,39 @@ def make_config(serotype, params):
titer_values, strains, sources = None, None, None
force_include = sanofi_vaccine_strains.values()
config = {
"dir": "dengue",
"lineage": serotype,
"title": "Genomic epidemiology of dengue virus",
"title": "Real-time tracking of dengue evolution",
"maintainer": ["Sidney Bell", ""],
"file_prefix": file_prefix,
"input_paths": input_paths,
"header_fields": {0:'strain', 1:'accession', 2:'date', 3:'region', 4:'country',
5:'division', 6: 'location', 7: 'authors', 8: 'url'},
"filters": (("Dropped Strains", lambda s: not in [fix_names(x) for x in dropped_strains]),
# ("Sequence Length", lambda s: len(s.seq)>=5000),
("Bad Region", lambda s: s.attributes['region'] not in ['', ' ', '?'])),
("Bad Region", lambda s: any([
s.attributes['region'] not in ['', ' ', '?'],
s.attributes['accession'] in force_include,
s.attributes['strain'] in force_include
"subsample": dengue_subsampling(params, years_back, titer_values),
"subsample": dengue_subsampling(params, years_back, titer_values,
"add_urls": {
"prefix": "",
"attr": "accession" },
"colors": ["region"],
"color_defs": "./colors.tsv",
"lat_longs": ["region"],
"colors": ["region", "country"],
"lat_longs": ["region", "country"],
"lat_long_defs": '../../../fauna/source-data/geo_lat_long.tsv',
"auspice_filters": ["region"],
"auspice_filters": ["region", "country"],
"reference": references[serotype],
"time_interval": time_interval,
"titers": titer_values,
"strains": params.strains,
"sources": sources
return config
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