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augur/ fix calculation of mean_potentency for model ex…

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rneher committed Feb 8, 2019
1 parent 73a9b38 commit 923b731c798cdb561fd54dc997d8911583f28f40
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@@ -578,8 +578,8 @@ def compile_potencies(self):
mean_potency = defaultdict(int)
for (ref_vir, serum), val in self.serum_potency.items():
mean_potency[ref_vir] += self.titer_counts[ref_vir][serum]*val
for ref_clade in self.ref_strains:
potency_json[ref_clade]['mean_potency'] = 1.0*mean_potency[ref_vir]/np.sum(list(self.titer_counts[ref_vir].values()))
for ref_vir in self.ref_strains:
potency_json[ref_vir]['mean_potency'] = 1.0*mean_potency[ref_vir]/np.sum(list(self.titer_counts[ref_vir].values()))

return potency_json

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