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Nextstrain build for dengue virus
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This is the Nextstrain build for dengue, visible at

The build encompasses fetching data, preparing it for analysis, doing quality control, performing analyses, and saving the results in a format suitable for visualization (with auspice). This involves running components of Nextstrain such as fauna and augur.

All dengue-specific steps and functionality for the Nextstrain pipeline should be housed in this repository.

Build Status


If you're unfamiliar with Nextstrain builds, you may want to follow our quickstart guide first and then come back here.

The easiest way to run this pathogen build is using the Nextstrain command-line tool:

nextstrain build .

See the nextstrain-cli README for how to install the nextstrain command.

Alternatively, you should be able to run the build using snakemake within a suitably-configured local environment.

Build output goes into the directories data/, results/ and auspice/.

Once you've run the build, you can view the results in auspice:

nextstrain view auspice/


Configuration takes place entirely with the Snakefile. This can be read top-to-bottom, each rule specifies its file inputs and output and also its parameters. There is little redirection and each rule should be able to be reasoned with on its own.

fauna / RethinkDB credentials

This build starts by pulling sequences from our live fauna database (a RethinkDB instance). This requires environment variables RETHINK_HOST and RETHINK_AUTH_KEY to be set.

If you don't have access to our database, you can run the build using the example data provided in this repository. Before running the build, copy the example sequences into the data/ directory like so:

mkdir -p data/
cp example_data/dengue* data/


With access to AWS, this can be more quickly run as:

nextstrain build --aws-batch --aws-batch-cpus 4 --aws-batch-memory 7200 . --jobs 4
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