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trvrb committed Sep 19, 2019
1 parent 3541756 commit 09a0dd38d268b0bce29b301e4226c4a6d59c167c
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@@ -788,6 +788,8 @@ Sakaew SaKaeo
Sakonnakhon SakonNakhon
Samutprakan SamutPrakan
SongKhlai Songkhla
SongKha Songkhla
Supanburi Suphanburi
Suratthani SuratThani
thailand Thailand

@@ -176,6 +176,7 @@ BrasiliaDf Brazil Brasilia Brasilia
Caetes Brazil Pernambuco Caetes
CambaradoSul Brazil RioGrandeDoSul CambaradoSul
Cambepr Brazil Parana Cambe
CampoGrande Brazil MatoGrosso CampoGrande
Canoas Brazil RioGrandeDoSul Canoas
Ceara Brazil Ceara Ceara
Cuiabamatogrosso Brazil MatoGrosso Cuiaba
@@ -184,6 +185,7 @@ DistritoFederal Brazil DistritoFederal DistritoFederal
EspiritoSanto Brazil EspiritoSanto EspiritoSanto
FeiraDeSantana Brazil Bahia FeiraDeSantana
Garanhuns Brazil Pernambuco Garanhuns
Goiania Brazil Goias Goiania
Goias Brazil Goias Goias
JoaoCamara Brazil RioGrandeDoNorte JoaoCamara
Manausam Brazil Amazonas Manaus
@@ -195,23 +197,27 @@ Macapa Brazil Amapa Macapa
Maceio Brazil Alagoas Maceio
MatoGrossoDoSul Brazil MatoGrossoDoSul MatoGrossoDoSul
MatoGrosso Brazil MatoGrosso MatoGrosso
MogidasCruzes Brazil SaoPaulo MogidasCruzes
Murici Brazil Alagoas Murici
Natal Brazil RioGrandeDoNorte Natal
Nossasenhoradolivramentomt Brazil MatoGrosso NossaSenhoraDoLivramento
Olinda Brazil Pernambuco Olinda
Para Brazil Para Para
Paraiba Brazil Paraiba Paraiba
Paulista Brazil Pernambuco Paulista
PedraBela Brazil SaoPaulo PedraBela
Pelotas Brazil RioGrandeDoSul Pelotas
Pernambuco Brazil Pernambuco Pernambuco
Pernambucocamaragib Brazil Pernambuco Camaragibe
PernambucorecifePernambuco Brazil Pernambuco Recife
Piaui Brazil Piaui Piaui
PilardoSul Brazil SaoPaulo PilardoSul
Parana Brazil Parana Parana
Poconemt Brazil MatoGrosso Pocone
Portovelhorondonia Brazil Rondonia PortoVelho
Portovelhopv Brazil Rondonia PortoVelho
Recife Brazil Pernambuco Recife
RibeiraoPires Brazil SaoPaulo RibeiraoPires
RibeiraoPreto Brazil SaoPaulo RibeiraoPreto
Ribeiraopretosaopaulo Brazil SaoPaulo RibeiraoPreto
RioDeJaneiro Brazil RioDeJaneiro RioDeJaneiro
@@ -373,6 +379,7 @@ Curanilahue Chile Biobio Curanilahue
Curico Chile Maule Curico
Gorbea Chile Araucania Gorbea
Easterisland Chile EasterIsland EasterIsland
HangaRoa Chile EasterIsland EasterIsland
Iquique Chile Tarapaca Iquique
IslaDePascua Chile Valparaiso IslaDePascua
LaSerena Chile Coquimbo LaSerena
@@ -2405,6 +2412,8 @@ SuphanBuri Thailand SuphanBuri SuphanBuri
SuratThani Thailand SuratThani SuratThani
Tak Thailand Tak Tak
Trang Thailand Trang Trang
UbonRatchathani Thailand UbonRatchathani UbonRatchathani
UdonThani Thailand UdonThani UdonThani
Udorn Thailand NakhonRatachasima NongPhaiLom
Uthaiyhani Thailand Uthaiyhani Uthaiyhani
Uthaithani Thailand Uthaithani Uthaithani

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