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joverlee521 committed Jan 6, 2020
1 parent a2ce84a commit 4388a25cad35b61846b03a316227b1a9fecf566d
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@@ -541,6 +541,12 @@ Nelsonmarlborough NelsonMarlborough
# Nicaragua
Mangua Managua

# Oman
AlBuraymi AlBuraimi
ArRustaq Rustaq
Hayma Haima
JaalanBBA JalanBaniBuAli

# Palestine
Beithlehem Bethlehem
Qalqilia Qalqilya
@@ -1813,12 +1813,19 @@ Oslo Norway Ostlandet Oslo

# Oman
Oman Oman Oman Oman
AlBuraimi Oman AlBuraimi AlBuraimi
Bahla Oman AdDakhiliyah Bahla
Buraimi Oman AlBuraimi Buraimi
Haima Oman AlWusta Haima
Ibra Oman AshSharqiyah Ibra
Ibri Oman AdDhahirah Ibri
JalanBaniBuAli Oman AshSharqiyah JalanBaniBuAli
Khasab Oman Musandam Khasab
Muqshin Oman Dhofar Muqshin
Muscat Oman AshSharqiyah Muscat
Nizwa Oman AdDakhiliyah Nizwa
Rustaq Oman AlBatinah Rustaq
Saham Oman AlBatinah Saham
Sur Oman AshSharqiyah Sur
Sohar Oman AlBatinah Sohar
Salalah Oman Dhofar Salalah
@@ -2590,6 +2597,7 @@ Ammanford UnitedKingdom Wales Ammanford
Anglesey UnitedKingdom Wales Anglesey
Aylesbury UnitedKingdom England Aylesbury
Barry UnitedKingdom Wales Barry
Beaumaris UnitedKingdom Wales Beaumaris
Bedford UnitedKingdom England Bedford
Bedwas UnitedKingdom Wales Bedwas
Belfast UnitedKingdom NorthernIreland Belfast
@@ -2625,6 +2633,7 @@ CityofSouthampton UnitedKingdom England Southampton
Co.Durham UnitedKingdom England CountyDurham
Colchester UnitedKingdom England Colchester
ColwynBay UnitedKingdom Wales ColwynBay
Conwy UnitedKingdom Wales Conwy
Cornwall UnitedKingdom England Cornwall
Craven UnitedKingdom England Craven
Croydon UnitedKingdom England Croydon
@@ -2758,6 +2767,7 @@ Wythenshawe UnitedKingdom England Wythenshawe
Wales UnitedKingdom Wales Wales
Ynysddu UnitedKingdom Wales Ynysddu
York UnitedKingdom England York
YstradMynach UnitedKingdom Wales YstradMynach

Alabama USA Alabama Alabama

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