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@@ -622,6 +622,8 @@ Stpetersburg StPetersburg
St-Petersburg StPetersburg
StPetersburgoblast StPetersburg
SPetersburg StPetersburg
Swirtzerland Switzerland
Tuymen Tyumen
Ulan-Ude UlanUde
Ulan_Ude UlanUde
@@ -69,4 +69,5 @@ A/Saitama/103(E20) A/Saitama/103/2014
A/MANITOBA/RV27522017 A/Manitoba/RV2752/2017
A/SouthAfrica/R07338/18 A/SouthAfrica/R07338/2018
A/North-WestAuckland/1/2018 A/NorthWestAuckland/1/2018
A/chicken/F611/Egypt/2015(H5N1) A/chicken/Egypt/F611/2015
A/chicken/F611/Egypt/2015(H5N1) A/chicken/Egypt/F611/2015
AFinland/7/2019 A/Finland/7/2019
@@ -1273,6 +1273,7 @@ Genoa Italy Liguria Genoa
Lazio Italy Lazio Lazio
Messina Italy Sicily Messina
Milan Italy Lombardy Milan
Napoli Italy Campania Napoli
Padova Italy Veneto Padova
Palermo Italy Sicily Palermo
Parma Italy EmiliaRomagna Parma
@@ -1937,6 +1938,7 @@ Kaliningrad Russia Kaliningrad Kaliningrad
Kalingrad Russia Kaliningrad Kaliningrad
Kalmykia Russia Kalmykia Kalmykia
Kaluga Russia Kaluga Kaluga
Kamchatka Russia Kamchatka Kamchatka
Karasuk Russia Novosibirsk Karasuk
Kazan Russia Tatarstan Kazan
Kemerovo Russia Kemerovo Kemerovo
@@ -1978,6 +1980,7 @@ Perm Russia Perm Perm
Petrozavodsk Russia Karelia Petrozavodsk
Podporozhie Russia Podporozhie Podporozhie
Primorsky Russia Primorsky Primorsky
Primorie Russia Primorsky Primorie
Reshoty Russia Pskov Reshoty
RostovOnDon Russia Rostov RostovOnDon
Rostov Russia Rostov Rostov
@@ -2014,6 +2017,7 @@ Voronezh Russia Voronezh Voronezh
Volgograd Russia Volgograd Volgograd
Vologda Russia Vologda Vologda
Yakutsk Russia Sakha Yakutsk
Yakutia Russia Sakha Yakutia
Yaroslavl Russia Yaroslavl Yaroslavl
Yekaterinburg Russia Sverdlovsk Yekaterinburg
YoshkarOla Russia MariElRepublic YoshkarOla
@@ -2483,6 +2487,7 @@ AbuDhabi UnitedArabEmirates AbuDhabi AbuDhabi

# UnitedKingdom
UnitedKingdom UnitedKingdom UnitedKingdom UnitedKingdom
Abergavenny UnitedKingdom Wales Abergavenny
Abergele UnitedKingdom Wales Abergele
Abertillery UnitedKingdom Wales Abertillery
Aberaeron UnitedKingdom Wales Aberaeron
@@ -2496,6 +2501,7 @@ Bedford UnitedKingdom England Bedford
Belfast UnitedKingdom NorthernIreland Belfast
Berks UnitedKingdom England Berkshire
Birmingham UnitedKingdom England Birmingham
Blackwood UnitedKingdom Wales Blackwood
Bridgend UnitedKingdom Wales Bridgend
Brighton UnitedKingdom England Brighton
Bristol UnitedKingdom England Bristol
@@ -2508,6 +2514,7 @@ Cambridgeshire UnitedKingdom England Cambridgeshire
Cardiff UnitedKingdom Wales Cardiff
Carmarthen UnitedKingdom Wales Carmarthen
ChristsHospital UnitedKingdom England Horsham
Chepstow UnitedKingdom Wales Chepstow
Cheshire UnitedKingdom England Cheshire
Cirencester UnitedKingdom England Cirencester
CityofLondon UnitedKingdom England London
@@ -2519,6 +2526,9 @@ Craven UnitedKingdom England Craven
Croydon UnitedKingdom England Croydon
Crumlin UnitedKingdom Wales Crumlin
Cumbria UnitedKingdom England Cumbria
Cwmbran UnitedKingdom Wales Cwmbran
Deeside UnitedKingdom Wales Deeside
Denbigh UnitedKingdom Wales Denbigh
Derbyshire UnitedKingdom England Derbyshire
DinasPowys UnitedKingdom Wales DinasPowys
Dundee UnitedKingdom England Dundee
@@ -2532,16 +2542,20 @@ Glasgow UnitedKingdom Scotland Glasgow
Gloucester UnitedKingdom England Gloucester
Guildford UnitedKingdom England Guildford
Hampshire UnitedKingdom England Hampshire
Harrow UnitedKingdom England Harrow
Haverfordwest UnitedKingdom Wales Haverfordwest
Headington UnitedKingdom England Headington
Hengoed UnitedKingdom Wales Hengoed
HERTS UnitedKingdom England Hertfordshire
Hexham UnitedKingdom England Hexham
Holywell UnitedKingdom Wales Holywell
Huntingdon UnitedKingdom England Huntingdon
HUNTINGDONCAMBS UnitedKingdom England Huntingdon
Inverness UnitedKingdom Scotland Inverness
Kent UnitedKingdom England Kent
Lambeth UnitedKingdom England Lambeth
Llangollen UnitedKingdom Wales Llangollen
Llanidloes UnitedKingdom Wales Llanidloes
Leeds UnitedKingdom England Leeds
Leicester UnitedKingdom England Leicester
LINCS UnitedKingdom England Lincolnshire
@@ -2555,7 +2569,9 @@ Middlesex UnitedKingdom England Middlesex
Middx UnitedKingdom England Middlesex
MilfordHaven UnitedKingdom Wales MilfordHaven
Minehead UnitedKingdom England Minehead
Mold UnitedKingdom Wales Mold
Monmouth UnitedKingdom Wales Monmouth
MountainAsh UnitedKingdom Wales MountainAsh
Neath UnitedKingdom Wales Neath
Newcastleunderlyme UnitedKingdom England Newcastleunderlyme
Newcastle-Under-Lyme UnitedKingdom England Newcastleunderlyme
@@ -2575,14 +2591,19 @@ Peterborough UnitedKingdom England Peterborough
Plymouth UnitedKingdom England Plymouth
Poole UnitedKingdom England Poole
Pontyclun UnitedKingdom Wales Pontyclun
Pontypool UnitedKingdom Wales Pontypool
Portsmouth UnitedKingdom England Portsmouth
PortTalbot UnitedKingdom Wales PortTalbot
Powys UnitedKingdom Wales Powys
Prestatyn UnitedKingdom Wales Prestatyn
Pwllheli UnitedKingdom Wales Pwllheli
Reading UnitedKingdom England Reading
Rhyl UnitedKingdom Wales Rhyl
Risca UnitedKingdom Wales Risca
Ruthin UnitedKingdom Wales Ruthin
Scotland UnitedKingdom Scotland Scotland
Scunthorpe UnitedKingdom England Scunthorpe
Senghenydd UnitedKingdom Wales Senghenydd
Sheffield UnitedKingdom England Sheffield
Somerset UnitedKingdom England Somerset
Southampton UnitedKingdom England Southampton
@@ -2592,13 +2613,17 @@ Surrey UnitedKingdom England Surrey
Swansea UnitedKingdom Wales Swansea
Telford UnitedKingdom England Telford
Tetbury UnitedKingdom England Tetbury
Tregaron UnitedKingdom Wales Tregaron
Tredegar UnitedKingdom Wales Tredegar
Treorchy UnitedKingdom Wales Treorchy
Usk UnitedKingdom Wales Usk
Ware UnitedKingdom England Ware
Wrexham UnitedKingdom Wales Wrexham
Whitechapel UnitedKingdom England London
Wirral UnitedKingdom England Wirral
Wythenshawe UnitedKingdom England Wythenshawe
Wales UnitedKingdom Wales Wales
Ynysddu UnitedKingdom Wales Ynysddu
York UnitedKingdom England York


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