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Update avian flu host parsing

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trvrb committed May 27, 2019
1 parent 3cdc5d1 commit 84bc6a8c9fb315013098a128e4e251ce89b0817c
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@@ -389,9 +389,9 @@ def format_host(self, v):
"larusichthyaetus", "larusridibundus", "larusridibundus", "little__grebe",
"little__egret", "lophuranycthemera", "magpie", "magpie__robin", "mallard",
"morphnusguianensis", "mute__swan", "muscovy__duck", "myna",
"necrosyrtesmonachus", "nisaetusnipalensis", "northern__shoveler",
"openbill__stork", "ostrich", "otheravian", "partridge", "pavo",
"pavocristatus", "pheasant", "peregrine__falcon", "pigeon", "parrot",
"necrosyrtesmonachus", "nettapeposaca", "nisaetusnipalensis",
"northern__shoveler", "openbill__stork", "ostrich", "otheravian", "partridge",
"pavo", "pavocristatus", "pheasant", "peregrine__falcon", "pigeon", "parrot",
"passerine", "passermontanus", "peacock", "polyplectronbicalcaratum", "quail",
"rook", "ruddy__turnstone", "saker__falcon", "shrike", "shorebird", "starling",
"swan", "stork", "swiftlet", "tadornaferuginea", "teal", "turkey", "turtledove",
@@ -411,7 +411,7 @@ def format_host(self, v):

elif v['host'] in ['human']:
v['host'] = "human"

print("cannot classify ", v['host'])

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