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Update geo synonyms for flu builds

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trvrb committed May 26, 2019
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@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ All of these functions are quite slow given they run over ~600k documents. Use s
#### CDC files

1. Move line-list tsv files to `fauna/data/`
2. Upload HI titers to tdb database with `python2 tdb/ -db cdc_tdb -v flu --ftype flat --fstem HITest_Oct2016_to_Sep2017_titers`
3. Upload FRA titers to tdb database with `python2 tdb/ -db cdc_tdb -v flu --ftype flat --fstem FRA_Oct2016_to_Sep2017_titers`
2. Upload HI titers to tdb database with `python2 tdb/ -db cdc_tdb -v flu --ftype flat --fstem HITest_Oct2018_to_Sep2019_titers`
3. Upload FRA titers to tdb database with `python2 tdb/ -db cdc_tdb -v flu --ftype flat --fstem FRA_Oct2018_to_Sep2019_titers`

#### Crick files

@@ -264,6 +264,7 @@ Pays_de_Loire PaysDeLoire
Nord_Pas_de_Calais NordPasDeCalais
NordpasdeCalais NordPasDeCalais
St-Etienne StEtienne
Saint-Etienne StEtienne

# GeorgiaCountry
Ozirgeti Ozurgeti
@@ -512,6 +513,7 @@ Casa Casablanca
morocco Morocco
Mrrakech Marrakech
Marakech Marrakech
RABT Rabat

# Myanmar
@@ -820,6 +822,9 @@ ChristHospital ChristsHospital
United_Kingdom UnitedKingdom
ENG England
Eng England
Angelsey Anglesey
StAsaph SaintAsaph
StClears SaintClears

Ann_Arbor AnnArbor
@@ -160,6 +160,7 @@ new_caledonia oceania
new_zealand oceania
solomon_islands oceania
vanuatu oceania
wallis_and_futuna oceania

argentina south_america
aruba south_america
@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ NewSouthWales Australia NewSouthWales NewSouthWales
NorthFitzroy Australia Victoria NorthFitzroy
NorthernTerritory Australia NorthernTerritory NorthernTerritory
Perth Australia WesternAustralia Perth
PortHedland Australia WesternAustralia PortHedland
Queensland Australia Queensland Queensland
SouthAustralia Australia SouthAustralia SouthAustralia
Sydney Australia NewSouthWales Sydney
@@ -807,6 +808,7 @@ FrancheComte France FrancheComte FrancheComte
Frejus France ProvenceAlpesCoteDAzur Frejus
Gigean France Herault Gigean
Grenoble France AuvergneRhoneAlpes Grenoble
Gueret France AquitaineLimousinPoitouCharentes Gueret
HauteNormandie France Normandy HauteNormandie
LaReunion France SaintDenis LaReunion
LaRochelle France CharenteMaritime LaRochelle
@@ -1657,8 +1659,10 @@ Rabat Morocco RabatSaleKenitra Rabat
Safi Morocco MarrakechSafi Safi
Sale Morocco RabatSaleKenitra Sale
Settat Morocco CasablancaSettat Settat
Skhirat Morocco RabatSaleKenitraSkhirat
Tanger Morocco TangerTetouan Tanger
Temara Morocco RabatSaleKenitra Temara
Tetouan Morocco TangerTetouan Tetouan
Tiznit Morocco SoussMassa Tiznit

# Mozambique
@@ -2217,6 +2221,7 @@ Alicante Spain Valencia Alicante
Andalucia Spain Spain Andalucia
Aragon Spain Aragon Aragon
Asturias Spain Asturias Asturias
Avila Spain CastileAndLeon Avila
Baleares Spain BalearicIslands Baleares
Barcelona Spain Catalonia Barcelona
BasqueCountry Spain BasqueCountry BasqueCountry
@@ -2536,6 +2541,7 @@ Anglesey UnitedKingdom Wales Anglesey
Aylesbury UnitedKingdom England Aylesbury
Barry UnitedKingdom Wales Barry
Bedford UnitedKingdom England Bedford
Bedwas UnitedKingdom Wales Bedwas
Belfast UnitedKingdom NorthernIreland Belfast
Berks UnitedKingdom England Berkshire
BetwysYCoed UnitedKingdom Wales BetwysYCoed
@@ -2574,6 +2580,7 @@ Denbigh UnitedKingdom Wales Denbigh
Derbyshire UnitedKingdom England Derbyshire
DinasPowys UnitedKingdom Wales DinasPowys
Dundee UnitedKingdom England Dundee
EbbwVale UnitedKingdom Wales EbbwVale
Edinburgh UnitedKingdom Scotland Edinburgh
England UnitedKingdom England England
Exeter UnitedKingdom England Exeter
@@ -2595,7 +2602,9 @@ Huntingdon UnitedKingdom England Huntingdon
HUNTINGDONCAMBS UnitedKingdom England Huntingdon
Inverness UnitedKingdom Scotland Inverness
Kent UnitedKingdom England Kent
Kilgetty UnitedKingdom Wales Kilgetty
Lambeth UnitedKingdom England Lambeth
Lampeter UnitedKingdom Wales Lampeter
Llandudno UnitedKingdom Wales Llandudno
Llangollen UnitedKingdom Wales Llangollen
Llanidloes UnitedKingdom Wales Llanidloes
@@ -2604,6 +2613,9 @@ Leicester UnitedKingdom England Leicester
LINCS UnitedKingdom England Lincolnshire
Liverpool UnitedKingdom England Liverpool
Llanelli UnitedKingdom Wales Llanelli
Llanfairfechan UnitedKingdom Wales Llanfairfechan
Llansamlet UnitedKingdom Wales Llansamlet
LlantwitMajor UnitedKingdom Wales LlantwitMajor
London UnitedKingdom England London
Luton UnitedKingdom England Luton
Maerdy UnitedKingdom Wales Maerdy
@@ -2638,6 +2650,7 @@ Pontyclun UnitedKingdom Wales Pontyclun
Pontypool UnitedKingdom Wales Pontypool
Pontypridd UnitedKingdom Wales Pontypridd
Porth UnitedKingdom Wales Porth
Porthcawl UnitedKingdom Wales Porthcawl
Portsmouth UnitedKingdom England Portsmouth
PortTalbot UnitedKingdom Wales PortTalbot
Powys UnitedKingdom Wales Powys
@@ -2648,6 +2661,8 @@ Reading UnitedKingdom England Reading
Rhyl UnitedKingdom Wales Rhyl
Risca UnitedKingdom Wales Risca
Ruthin UnitedKingdom Wales Ruthin
SaintAsaph UnitedKingdom Wales SaintAsaph
SaintClears UnitedKingdom Wales SaintClears
Saundersfoot UnitedKingdom Wales Saundersfoot
Scotland UnitedKingdom Scotland Scotland
Scunthorpe UnitedKingdom England Scunthorpe

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