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Small update to geo synonyms

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trvrb committed Jan 14, 2019
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@@ -2265,6 +2265,7 @@ Ystad Sweden Skane Ystad

# Switzerland
Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland
Basel Switzerland Basel Basel
Geneva Switzerland Geneva Geneva
Zurich Switzerland Zurich Zurich

@@ -2549,6 +2550,7 @@ Llanelli UnitedKingdom Wales Llanelli
London UnitedKingdom England London
Luton UnitedKingdom England Luton
Manchester UnitedKingdom England Manchester
MerthyrTydfil UnitedKingdom Wales MerthyrTydfil
Middlesex UnitedKingdom England Middlesex
Middx UnitedKingdom England Middlesex
MilfordHaven UnitedKingdom Wales MilfordHaven

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