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A Romeo & Juliet Jeopardy iOS game with fill in the blank, multiple choice, and true/false questions.
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This is an app I created for my English class in my freshmen year of high school (2013-14) with a friend. I've uploaded it for legacy purposes. The basic premise is a simple jeopardy game with fill in the blank, true/false, and multiple choice questions, centered around Romeo & Juliet lore. The game can also handle scorekeeping for two teams.


  • Starting a new game:

Startup screen

  • Selecting a question:

Selection view

  • Answering a multiple choice question:

Multiple choice view with four options

  • Changing the type of questions shown:

Category selector

  • Answering a true/false question:

Multiple choice view

  • Getting a wrong answer:

-15 points!

  • Answering a fill in the blank question:

Enter input in a textbox

Next Steps

  • Convert to Swift
  • More perfected autolayout
  • App Store release(?)
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