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javascript implementation of the game set
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What is this?

A (dumb) implementation of the game of set in Typescript

How to run

  1. install nodejs
  2. npm install -g typescript
  3. tsc
  4. node build/index.js

what is set?

wikipedia does a good job of explaining it

why is this implementation dumb?

I constantly rescan the board looking at the same cards after each set. If I were to build up a hash map of the current state of the board, I believe I could make sets faster. While the game can be completed in 20ms on a macbook pro (2017), it only matches 92% of cards into sets when the deck is not shuffled. Expanding the paramters of the game to have an arbitray number of properties to compare and arbritary size of sets, would bog down the machine running it.

Why did I do this?

I wanted a nice 'computer science' type project to get my brain to sweat a bit. Also, playing this game is hard and frustrating, it is a job for computers.

How long did it take to code up?

About 6hrs over a period of a day

next steps

  • allow for arbiratry set size and properties to match on
  • switch from single threaded execution to parrallel (and maybe even distributed)
  • get smart with the matching algorithim
  • try to match all cards into sets (ie: 100%)
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