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Quickly and easily create build scripts for Actionscript 3, Flex, and AIR projects.


gem install asrake


If you have an environment variable FLEX_HOME set to the root path of your Flex SDK, then no further action is necessary.

If you want to manually define the path(s) to your Flex SDK for all systems that will need to run the build scripts, you can do so by appending to the array FlexSDK::SDK_PATHS like so:

FlexSDK::SDK_PATHS << 'C:\develop\sdk\flex_sdk_4.6.0.23201'
FlexSDK::SDK_PATHS << "C:/develop/sdk/flex_sdk 4.5.1"
FlexSDK::SDK_PATHS << "/opt/lib/adobe/flex_4.6"

Compiler Arguments

Arguments match those passed to the compiler (mxmlc, compc, adt, etc) with hyphens - replaced by underscores _ (e.g., to set the target-player compiler argument assign to the target_player property)

Since this is still in development, not all compiler arguments have a property mapped to them. Use additional_args to pass whatever text you want into the compiler.

Convenience methods are provided for include_libraries, external_library_path, and library_path; you can instead use statically_link, dynamically_link, and statically_link_only_referenced_classes respectively.

Build a SWF or SWC

Assign arguments for your build and optionally run it with a friendlier-named task:

swc = "bin/my_project.swc"
swc.target_player = 11.9
swc.debug = true
swc.source_path << "src"
swc.statically_link_only_referenced_classes << "lib/lib_used_in_project.swc" # alternate name for "library_path"

desc "Build Project"
task :build => swc

You can chain together complex builds and the dependencies will be properly handled:

lib_swc = "lib/other_project/bin/proj.swc"
lib_swc.target_player = 11.5
lib_swc.source_path << "lib/other_project/src"

main_swc = "bin/my_project.swc"
main_swc.target_player = 11.5
main_swc.debug = true
main_swc.source_path << "src"
main_swc.statically_link << lib_swc # alternate name for "include_libraries"

desc "Build Project"
task :build => main_swc

Include ASDoc in a SWC

If you are compiling with Compc, you can set the field include_asdoc in order to have documentation added to your output swc.

desc "Build Project"
swc = "bin/my_project.swc"
swc.target_player = 11.0
swc.source_path << "src"
swc.include_asdoc = true

Build using AIR

Compile your SWF file as normal, but set the isAIR property to true

desc "Build app"
my_app = "bin/my_app.swf"
my_app.load_config << "mxmlc_config.xml"
my_app.isAIR = true

To package the .air file, provide the package task with the file and keystore information. If the provided key doesn't exist, it will be created for you.

Be sure that the swf file is included in the package. (In the below sample code it is included by packaging everything in the bin directory with the line: air.include_files << "bin .")

air = "deploy/my_app.air"
air.keystore = "cert.p12"
air.keystore_name = "my_app"
air.storepass = "my_app"
air.tsa = "none"
air.include_files << "bin ."

Versioning your project

ASRake::VersionTask(task_name = :version, file_name = "VERSION")

No additional arguments are needed to create a version task. Once added to your Rakefile, you can run rake version:help for information on how versioning works.

If you are fine with the defaults (see above), you can just add:

Otherwise you can define the task name and filename as you wish :v, "./config/version.txt"

Version Sync

The task version:sync is run every time the version changes. This hook can be useful for things like updating configuration files automatically. To use, add an additional block to the task like so:

# replace :version with whatever you provided to 
namespace :version do
	task :sync do
		# update version info in application.xml

Additional Functionality

New copy method

ASRake introduces a new copy method cp_u on FileUtils and in the global namespace.

This copies all files from the source that do not exist or are older at the destination

# copy a single file to a destination folder
cp_u "path/to/file.xml", "/dest/"

# copy a single file to a differently named file in the destination folder
cp_u "path/to/file.xml", "/dest/dest.xml"

# copy an array of explicitly-enumerated files
cp_u %w{application.xml my_app.swf config.json}, "/dest"

# use FileList, Dir.glob(), or other standard methods to copy groups of files
cp_u FileList["lib/**/*.swc"], "bin/lib"

Build without a Rake task

You don't need to create a named Rake task in order to build your project. As an alternative, you can simply call execute() on an instance of Compc or Mxmlc.

Note that this will not do any dependency checks, so the build will run even if it is unnecessary

args = "bin/my_project.swc"
args.target_player = 11.0
args.source_path << "src"
args.statically_link_only_referenced_classes << "lib/lib_used_in_project.swc"

Contributing Guidelines

  1. Fork this project
  2. Create a feature branch
  3. Make your changes
  4. Create a Pull Request
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