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Collection of Activity workers for aws-swf
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AWS-SWF activities

This repository contains a collection of activities in Node.js for the AWS-SWF toolkit.

$ cd activities
$ swf-activity

Most of the activities expect parameters to be passed in JSON format

How to create an activity

1. Create the package.json

  • name of the activity type
  • main: worker module
  • add dependencies

2. create the worker module

exports.worker = function(task) {

   var input_parameters = task.config.input; // or JSON.parse(task.config.input)

   var result = f(input_parameters); // might be asynchronous

   // Send the response to AWS SWF
   task.respondCompleted(result, function(err) {
      if(err) { console.error(err); return; }
      console.log("echo: respondComplete");


3. Config files (optional)

Write config files into config.js.

They should contains private stuff: credentials, passwords, oauth token, etc...


  • System to build html documentation of the activities (to add in the gh-pages branch)

  • script to npm install recursively in all folders

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