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Gears In Motion
Gears In Motion is a user interface to manage Google Gears databases. It is similar in many ways to standard database interfaces, but focus on what really matters: your data !
It runs within the browser and we provide a standalone version that you can include in the developpement versions of your projects.
It also detects foreign keys to display linked elements, using the Ruby on Rails naming conventions.
Some direct links to the wiki :
* How to include GIM into your projects
* How to use GIM
* GIM architecure (for developpers)
Go to with Firefox 2 or IE 7.
Gears In Motion has only been tested with Firefox 2, and IE 7 (yet...)
A word about development
Gears In Motion is written in Javascript and uses the YUI library (v2.3.1).
It was originally developed for the needs of ClicRDV.