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Labels not showing in Save and Load function of Editor 0.5.0 #48

ellahikamran opened this Issue Feb 4, 2011 · 1 comment

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Thanks i got it to work with version 0.5.0 , most of the drawing is working fine for me what i need to know now is
I have made the following changes ,
1. I have added a input ex inPlace edit to image container so we can label the image .
2. I have added a input ex inPlace edit to the wire module
Now on the editor when i click save the system saves the drawing into the database and when i load the drawing the container objects(image and wire ) appear fine but with the labels. What and where i should make the change to have the save and load function save and show my labels

Place below is my ImageContainer.js file content


  • Container represented by an image
  • @class ImageContainer
  • @extends WireIt.Container
  • @constructor
  • @param {Object} options
  • @param {WireIt.Layer} layer */ WireIt.ImageContainer = function(options, layer) {, options, layer); };

YAHOO.lang.extend(WireIt.ImageContainer, WireIt.Container, {

* @method setOptions
* @param {Object} options the options object
setOptions: function(options) {, options);

  this.options.image = options.image;
  this.options.xtype = "WireIt.ImageContainer";

  this.options.className = options.className || "WireIt-Container WireIt-ImageContainer";

  // Overwrite default value for options:
  this.options.resizable = (typeof options.resizable == "undefined") ? false : options.resizable;
  this.options.ddHandle = (typeof options.ddHandle == "undefined") ? false : options.ddHandle;


* @method render
render: function() {;
YAHOO.util.Dom.setStyle(this.bodyEl, "background-image", "url("+this.options.image+")");
this.labelField = new inputEx.InPlaceEdit({parentEl: this.bodyEl, editorField: {type: 'string'}, animColors:{from:"#FFFF99" , to:"#DDDDFF"},className:"inputEx-Imglabel" });



I'm seeing something similar. When loading a workflow the labels are displayed, but the editor that was attached is no longer available.

@neyric neyric closed this Jun 13, 2012
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