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Senior Engineer Job Search Content

Repo for

Building the static site (web_content)

To build the site, make sure you have rust installed, then install mdbook.

  1. Go to this site for a quick curl to install rust & cargo
  2. Then run cargo install mdbook
  3. Once done, you can run make dev, and view the beauty on localhost:3000

Deploying the static site

We use github pages to host our static content. Deploying is easy:

make deploy

Building the pdf e-book (content -> build)

We offer an accompanying pdf of all our content. Building the e-book requires the following (examples given for OSX machines):

# Install pandoc
brew install pandoc

# Install latex
# For OSX machines we can just install basictex
# Note: You may need to update your $PATH variable after installation to include the texbin utilities
# on my machine this meant including /Library/TeX/texbin in $PATH
brew install basictex

# Install titlesec
# Titlesec is a package used by latex for formatting. We use it to provide some custom styling
sudo tlmgr install titlesec

# Install python packages
# We use markdown-pp to concatenate all our individual markdown files and apply chapter titles
# You will need to install python and pip on your machine if you haven't already
pip install MarkdownPP

After installing all dependencies you can re-generate a fresh copy of the book by running

make book

The book should now open up in preview. If it doesn't you can find it under the build folder

Building transcripts (deprecated)

Previously we would use this to re-generate individual PDFs of our content. This is somewhat deprecated now given that we use mdbook to serve a static site and have no need to link to individual transcripts. Nonetheless will keep this for now and potentially delete it later.

You can build all the transcripts by running the following command

make all-transcripts

You can build an individual transcript by doing the following

FILE=path/to/raw/ make transcript


V0: April 2019 (The beginning)

Everything is on wordpress. we have pdf generation. All the content lives in content and build

  • content stores raw markdown, build keeps the pdfs
  • we copy this repo inside our wordpress theme, which lets us link to the pdfs

V1: December 2019 (Remove sign-ups)

We decide to remove signup. This means:

  • We'll keep wordpress just for the landing page
    • (note: we could have this be a static page, but there's no hurry)
    • We still have sign-ups / course-links on wordpress, but there are no direct links to them
      • [Someday/Maybe]: Hard remove sign-up / course-links from wordpress
  • Use mdbook v0.3.1 to host a GH site of the contenet
  • To achieve this:
    • we introduce new directories and files to support mdbook
      • web_content, is a copy of our content with slight modifications that aren't compatible with our pdf generation
        • we include iframe urls in every md file
        • we updated 05_communicating_signal to include a few links
      • web_build, the mdbook-built version of web_content
      • theme to insert a top header
      • book.toml to configure mdbook
    • book pdf still works the same:
      • titlesec.tex, builder.mdpp, content as the source, build is what outputs the individual and book pdf files
    • We use CloudFlare for DNS configuration.
    • We use Wordpress with WPEngine to host the landing page and email sign up
    • We use mailchimp to collect emails
    • We use Github pages with a custom to host the static content
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