Twitter Bootstrap skeleton for, with SASS, LESS, Handlebars and Backbone.Mediator. My favorite brunch!
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Brunch with Eggs and Bacon

PLEASE NOTE: This skeleton is being reworked at the moment, and it's currently out of date. Until the new version is ready, please consider using Banana Pancakes.

My favorite brunch, fat and tasty!

Twitter Bootstrap Javascript skeleton for with support for SASS, LESS and Handlebars. Also includes Backbone.Mediator for Pub/Sub patterns.

Getting started

Make sure to have installed.

Create your project using Eggs and Bacon with:

    brunch new <your-project-name> -s github://nezoomie/brunch-eggs-and-bacon

Or simply copy the repository on your hard drive and rename it.

Customize Bootstrap Stylesheets

All Bootstrap stylesheet files can be found separated into:


They're in original LESS format in order to be easily customized, and compiled together with the app build.

Exclude Bootstrap jQuery plugins

jQuery plugins used by Bootstrap are all listed (in the right order) inside the file. Comment the ones you want to exclude from the build with a #. (Pay attention to dependencies!)